Boom! Fireworks Friday Night From Liberty Island

A fireworks display will light the sky tonight—Friday April 20— at 10:30 p.m. from a barge near Liberty Island in New York Harbor, which should make it visible from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. McBrooklyn tips that the display is sponsored by event-planning company AlliedPRA.

(Photo: Archive/July 4, 1859, View from Montague Street with Wall Street Ferry & Pierrepont Stores)

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  • Josh G

    Good to know before my dog starts flipping out

  • David on Middagh

    Well, they started a bit early, and by 10:30 it was over. An interesting view from the Promenade: storm clouds obscured the top halves of the higher bursts.

  • Bette

    Thank you for this heads up – I love fireworks and never manage to be in the right place at the right time.

  • Villager

    Because here in the heights we like to complain about free fireworks shows, I’ll just put out there that a) 10:30pm is too late to be starting a fireworks show, the noise wakes up kids, etc; b) what is the point of having fireworks all the way out there by Liberty Island where only a handful of people can experience the full effect (which also sorta cancels out point “a” above, but never mind that, I just want to complain); c) they could at least start at the scheduled time. The permit was for 10:30pm, not 10:15, so technically illegal?
    Have a great weekend. Let’s complain about the nice weather now. :)

  • youralemon

    here is a schedule of all fireworks displays this summer in NYC

  • lori

    Thanks for the schedule. 11:30 PM on May 12th? That’s really too late.