Brooklyn Heights: ‘You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough’

That quote comes from your BHB correspondent as he witnessed the harrowing action over the past several weeks of a crane (beautifully) refurbishing trim around the eighth floor of 161 Henry Street (across from CVS).

Anyone who watched these brave guys at work saw them at various times floating across the middle of Henry or Pierrepont Street in their miniscule iron chamber. This is one Heights I’d prefer to avoid.

According to building permits at the front doorway, the 10-story, 31-unit residential coop, built in 1906, is also modifying window frames on the ground floor. More photos below.

(Photos: Chuck Taylor)

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  • Nick A

    what a beautiful building!

  • stuart

    The owners have done a wonderful job restoring the facades of this building. They should be proud of their home.

  • Jack

    What was with the wheel-less car on Miiddagh St yesterday – it looks like a thief stole all 4 wheels off the car having jacked the car up on just two cinder blocks. A bold crime given it was almost in front of the fire house. not a good sign, or are we returning to Crooklyn

  • Villager

    There has been an even higher one of these cherry pickers down at 1 BBP/360 Furman.

  • Eddyenergizer

    DerekJetah, Why to refer to the workers as “bozos”, when they did a great job?

  • stuart

    derek has probably never owned anything larger than a toaster therefore he does not understand the responsibilities and rewards of owning a great historic property.

  • dean collins

    Dereks comment was the fact that you have this crane sitting there for weeks doing nothing that i’m sure the co-op is paying rental on each day 7 days a week.

    The workers turn up for a day or two and then dissapear again.

    If i was in the co-op i’d be screaming thief as well.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Derek & Dean, Were both of you there all day, every day, through the duration of the project that you could say how often the Aerial lift was used? I doubt it. Even so, both of you exemplify the typical ignorance of the reality of construction work. Neither of you know the full scope of work that was being done nor what was needed to complete it. Yes 2-3 months is completely reasonable amount of time to do such work. As a construction professional with almost 30 years experience, I think they did a good job, worked safe and neat. That is a job well done.
    I would love to see you guys get in that bucket, rise 100 ft above the street and see how fast you get the job completed.

  • Robert Moses

    Eddy, dude – I walked by that lift at least twice daily since it appeared – I live on Henry St – and those guys were N E V E R there. Total work time might have been 3-4 40-hour weeks, but they spread it out over 4+ months — and aerial lift rentals ain’t cheap. It was not a complex job — flashing and piping installation — and there is NO WAY it needed to take that long…based on my decades of general contracting, parkway and public facility construction…

  • Eddyenergizer

    Robert Moses is a poor pseudonym for your BS response. Moses was not a contractor and neither are you.

  • RJ

    I think Derek and Dean have a good point. I too live on Henry, and my wife and I repeatedly remarked how long that crane sat there and how often nobody was working. I walk down Henry at least twice a day, did see them working on the floor windows and maybe in the crane three times.