LICH Forum Next Week

From the Cobble Hill Association:

Are you concerned about the news coming out of LICH? Now is your chance to be heard. Community Board 6 has organized a public forum with the CEO of LICH and the CEO of Continuum Health Partners, the company that owns LICH.

What: discussion with Stanley Brezenoff, President & CEO of Continuum Health Partners, and Dominick Stanzione, Interim CEO of Long Island College Hospital.
When: Monday, September 22 at 6.30 p.m. at LICH.
Where: LICH ground floor, conference rooms A & B, 339 Hicks Street.

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  • E G

    Maybe my memory is flawed… but it seems to me that none of your readers/neighbors care. Last I remember people were more concerned about the park space, along w/t commentary of what an awful place LICH is.

  • T.K. Small

    You are correct, there was a fair amount of discussion regarding the park and the various bad experiences. However, I think that was a small minority of vocal complaints. Even if we assume that the Hospital is either a garbage, that does not mean that it should be shut down. If anything, that would suggest that we need to pay even closer attention. Having a quality healthcare facility in close proximity is a very valuable resource!

    I will definitely be there on Monday. Incidentally, this is another example of how Community Board 2 has dropped the ball once again.

  • E G

    People are not thinking! LICH is not a place where one may choose to schedule a surgery, it may never be. However, there is an expression, ‘time is muscle’ Myocardial Infarction’s “heart attacks” happen even here in the Heights! Without LICH’s ED close by time may run out for some during that trip across the bridge to one of those premier hospitals. Same goes for Cerebrovascular Accidents “Strokes” as well as many other unanticipated medical events including those involving your ‘precious’ little darlings.

    LICH the community hospital is in peril. Meanwhile, OH Joy, Trader Joe’s is opening!! There are so many silly, stupid people in this neighborhood of mine.

  • T.K. Small

    The neighborhood is also “mine” but you are exactly correct!

  • bornhere

    E G – Much of what you say is true: for a CVA, an MI, or some other “seconds count” emergency, LICH is probably the answer for BH residents; too bad they can’t provide an ER with top-of-the-line critical care professionals (plus all the visualization or diagnostic tools needed), stabilization services/facilities, and then prompt transport to a place that will be less likely to have staff that will neglect you, and a physical plant that will infect you. If I can get out of my office at a reasonable hour (I don’t sign my own checks), I will try to get there for the Monday meeting.
    (And, as an aside, I don’t think Heights denizens are any more “stupid” or “silly” than those who live elsewhere. This is a BLOG — distractions are plentiful, and commenting is always easier than taking action; but I think the thread on PS 8, as just one example, demonstrates concern and commitment to issues. If people care about Trader Joe’s, so be it. It doesn’t mean anything. No need for belittling.)

  • Claude Scales

    bornhere: thanks. I agree that the future of LICH is a far more important matter than the opening of Trader Joe’s, although I did post about the latter. A blog, as you correctly noted, is a forum in which expressio unius is not exclusio alterius. I hope that many people will show up to express concern about the future of LICH (where my daughter was born, in the OB/GYN facility that Continuum wants to close) at the meeting.

  • bornhere

    Claude — And I got all enthusiastic (defensive) about my shopping habits at Key Food. It just means we’re all so thunderously Renaissance :) Now, if we can just get some threads going about THE election, adding rotating colored light to the Falls, and debating the spelling of Fozzie’s catch phrase, I’ll be set for weeks :)
    And here’s to meeting other BH Bloggers on the 22nd.

  • E G

    I am happy there is agreement (and a tiny bit more conversation here) on the importance of keeping LICH open. As with PS 8, community involvement and support is essential here. Yes, I suppose this blog is what it is …. and I too made a small comment regarding Trader Joe’s as well as Key Food- Nothing wrong with that!

    I must disagree however, with this idea that LICH is an all together horrible, even dangerous hospital. This is certainly the reputation, however, much of it is ill- founded and ill-deserved. There can and will inevitably be sub par care and awful outcomes at even the best institutions, LICH is certainly not an exception. However, largely the LICH patient can expect safe and effective, oftentimes excellent care.

    Can it be better? Absolutely! Continuum has been nourishing B I and St Lukes, E&E, while leaving LICH to starve. To death? It’s not looking good. If folks, such as those in this community had something to say about this situation, they would be heard. As w/t PS 8 community support is essential here and as this community demands it will tend to get.