Historic 1820 Townhouse At 31 Middagh Street Hits The Market

The Federal-style three-level single family townhouse at 31 Middagh Street, built in 1820, has hit the market with a price tag of $1.795 million. The listing with Prudential Douglas Elliman (here) characterizes the property as “one of the oldest houses in Brooklyn Heights,” with 4 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths and a basement/rec room. In all: 1,626 square feet.

According to a plaque on the building, 31 Middagh was registered in the City Directory as a paint store and a men’s hairdressing parlor, with living quarters upstairs. Some public records show it being built in 1847, but the sales listing stands by 1820.

Apparently, the home needs some pretty significant renovations. Douglas Elliman notes: “This gem is awaiting the right owner to transform it into a truly special city home.” Brownstoner adds, “Given how historically significant the exterior of 31 Middagh Street is, the interior is nothing short of a letdown: There’s no historic detail in the 1820′s house to speak of. At least the lack of detail frees up the new owner to start with a blank slate.”

(Photos: Prudential Douglas Elliman)

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  • Luke C

    Is that basement room landmarked? That distinctive styling needs to preserved for future generations!

  • Nabeguy

    Pretty sterile, but it’s probably wrong to assume that the house was stripped of ornamentation over the years. Given its age, it may not have had very much to begin with. My old house on Middagh (circa 1827) was probably a pretty simple affair as well originally until it went through a renovation in the 1840’s and marble fireplaces and door molding, as well as the porch, were added. So,this house may, in fact, be more genuine than others. Although, I gotta say, that basement wallpaper doesn’t seem appropropriate for any era!

  • Hicks St Guy

    how in the world can they get their price with that wallpaper???

  • x

    how many ghosts does this come with?

  • http://pistachiopony.com maria

    I used to want one of those old homes or brownstones in this ‘hood. Until I moved here and saw that every week there was a different van in front of all these lovely homes. If its not the plumber its the shingling or roofer guy…God, the up keep of these beautiful places must be a fortune. I think I would rather spend my fortune on travel and electronic gadgets…to each his own!

  • http://loscalzo.posterous.com Homer Fink

    As mentioned in the “remixed” version of the Hidden Brooklyn Heights Walking Tour the most recent AIA Guide to NYC refers to the facade of #31 as “mutilated” basically meaning that it bears little or no resemblance to its original or historic design.

  • Bruce Reynolds

    I’m an infrequent visitor to BH, but an enthusiastic one, as my granddaughter, daughter and son-in-law live there, on Hicks Street.

    As a journalist myself, I appreciate the eclectic nature of your coverage, and the insight it gives me, as I walk the streets. On my way to pick up my granddaughter yesterday at P.S. 8, I made a point of walking past Truman Capote’s old house on Willow. Made for an even more interesting day.


  • lori

    Compared to the other recent sales in the neighborhood, it’s pocket change.

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    I have to agree with you.

  • http://www.cognation.net dean collins

    @Lori/WillowSt….let me know when you are going for a walk….anyone who says $1.8m is pocket change i want to be around in case you drop some….

    This is way over priced and just because a drafty shack is located in brooklyn heights….its still a drafty shack.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Homer, the AIA guide description (like for most of the Middagh houses) refers to the facade of #31 before it was restored/renovated.

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    dean collins,
    Oh how I wish I had that kind of money!!!
    But, compared to other single family houses in the Heights, 1.7 does seem like a steal.

  • Jorale-man

    That basement den looks very “Ice Storm” surburbia. Love the fake brick flooring too and the lamp totally completes the picture.

  • MPC

    I have been inside – I dont know what camera/photoshop the broker has used – it looks nothing like that! If it wasnt historic, the house would be knocked down. The 3rd floor is inhabitable, there is no heat and the floors are on a slant. The basement has a cistern in it hidden by closets. There is no character or detail. The house smells like mold. This price needs to come down significantly!