Who’da Thunk It: 62 Degrees In BK In Mid-March!

With temperatures soaring into the low 60s today in Brooklyn Heights—when the mean average is typically 48 degrees F—local restaurants were quick to indulge midday foodies in outdoor seating along Montague Street. It appears that after the gentle winter of 2011/2012, Spring may truly be arriving ahead of its calendar date of Tuesday, March 20. Oh, joy!

The week ahead is looking even more temperate: Tuesday’s expected high is 71 degrees and Wednesday’s is 66, before dipping into the high 50s until next Monday, when we again return to the glorious 60s.

The historic high for March 12 in Brooklyn was set waaaay back in 1890, when it reached 73 degrees. Two years before, the record low was set, at 8 degrees F.

(Photos: Chuck Taylor)

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  • stuart

    man. this climate change is gonna kill me.
    we have to sacrifice and use less electricity and heating fuel so the climate can get cold again so we can be miserable in March like the Lord intended. Only sacrifice and austerity can make us freeze our butts off again!!!

  • Andrew Porter

    Went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden today and the Magnolias are in bloom, some of the Cherry Trees are flowering, Daffodil Hill is in bloom, and all sorts of other stuff which is usually dormant this time of year is busy waking up.

    Looking forward to that bout of 140 F. weather in July…

  • Demon of Maxwell

    The answer to the question is that those who are minimally aware of climate change ‘da thunk it.

    I difficulty understanding why or how this weather is anything to celebrate. Is utter ignorance of the consequences of climate change part of that mindset, or is it more a zen willingness to embrace present conditions you can’t control? Someone explain?

  • Andrew Porter

    Yeah, I’m waiting for all those people celebrating this weather to start screaming when it hits 100 for three straight weeks during July, and there are brownouts, etc.

    Climate change: more extremes of weather, greater highs, greater lows, longer heat-waves, larger snows and rainfalls, just more of everything. And don’t buy any property within 3 feet of high tide…