What A Novel Idea: New Nail Salon Coming To 93 Montague Street

If one were to traipse through the 11201 Zip Code to get their nails done, it would be easy enough to visit a different salon for every digit on both hands and feet. That includes the fringes of Cobble Hill, DUMBO and downtown Brooklyn. In the Heights proper, you’re not exactly suffering: Yelp and the Yellow Pages bring up some 14 choices.

There must be an endless demand for such a service, because Montague Street is about to get its seventh nail salon at 93 Montague, the previous sales office for Love Lane Mews, which shuttered in the fall. A sign in the window Friday, January 20, announced “Nail & Spa Opening Soon,” with an approved building permit posted.

A walk down Montague already offers shiny cuticles at: Plaza Nails at 151 Montague, Simoa Nail at 141, Hair Profile at 137, The Heights Salon at 136, Dashing Diva at 130 and Irene Dinvol at 119. Perplexing, huh? Pretty soon the entire neighborhood will waft of nothing but nitrocellulose (we had to look that one up).

See below for a full list of nail salons in the 11201 code… and wonder… why?

No assurance on 110% accuracy here: based on most recent Yelp and Yellow Pages searches for “Nail Salons” in 11201… Please don’t bite my nails… uh, head off, if there’s a venue or two off. This is not meant as a shoppers’ guide… only to execute a point. While some are hairdressing salons, manicures and/or pedicures were listed among additional services in the above searches. Please be kind.

Choi’s Art Nails, 149 Atlantic Avenue
The Heights Salon, 136 Montague Street
Nail House, 163 Remsen Street
Park Nails & Spa, 210 State Street
Dashing Diva, 130 Montague Street
Studios Fryzura, 78 Clark Street
Plaza Nails, 151 Montague Street
Uimage Unisex Salon Spa, 163 Joralemon Street
Height Nail Corp., 80 Cranberry Street
Tatyana’s Nails, 85 Livingston Street
Nail House, 157 Remsen Street
Samoa Nail, 141 Montague Street
Irene Dinov, 119 Montague Street
Image Unisex Salon-Spa, 91 Pineapple Street
Pretty Nails, 191 Court Street
Hair Profile, 137 Montague Street
Long Nail Salon/Pretty Nails, 142 Lawrence Street
J&A Nail, 154 Lawrence Street
Dashing Diva, 129 Smith Street
Suhjk Mic, 80 Cranberry Street

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  • Caitlin

    I get my nails done every other week and live in the neighborhood – yes there are many salons but hardy any are open past 7pm (which I am hardly ever home by from work). Many places in Manhattan are open until 9 or 10, Montague could use a late night salon – I’m sure they would make a lot of money as I am sure I am not the only woman looking to get her nails done around 8:30!