BHB Photo Club pic by jwpalmer via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by jwpalmer via Flickr

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  • bornhere


  • AEB

    Yes, yes!

    Brilliant speech, Senator Obama. Don’t loose the fire and want.

    The line between the old and new has been decisively drawn, between the belief that most Americans are doing just fine, and that they are, in fact, hurting.


    To me, the choice for president seems crystal.

  • AEB

    …that should be, crystal clear.

  • Cranky

    Me too!

  • http://www.pievscake.com evo

    His speech was inspiring, substantive, and confrontational. The democrats haven’t had a candidate with balls like these while I’ve been alive! Also, my girlfriend thinks he’s handsomer than me…what will it be like to have the most attractive head of state in the world? Weird.


  • James

    Great rhetorical flourish, but little of actual substance! Kind of like his resume.


  • Jazz

    james are you a comedian?

  • No One Of Consequence

    The color choices are good. Is he red? Is he blue? Is he somewhere in the middle? Does he go back and forth?

    The sign looks nice, and the message is one everyone wants to hear. But just how will that hope be fulfilled?

  • heightsdiho

    Obama!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!

  • jim

    republicans, you’re outta here !!!

  • Angelina

    Mc Cain/ Palin 08. Get real democrats. Republicans in 08…Black Female Bklyn Heights Resident.

  • Stan

    Angelina apparently you enjoyed the shackles and the plantation. Stay classy.

  • hoppy

    He looks like a face-painted French soccer fan

  • James

    Stan, keep it ugly and your side will be out of office another 8 years.

  • stan

    James your side has ruined this nation forever. well done. take gas a-hole

  • Angelina

    Stan: I wouldn’t know about the shackles or plantation.. Stop dwelling on the past. My family sure didn’t. If I did I wouldn’t be in Brooklyn Heights now would I. Thanks for comment James. We will be having a victory party in the Heights on Nov 4th.. Hope to see you there.

  • James

    My pleasure, Angelina. Given the political tenor of the Heights, we might be able to hold the victory party in my “cozy” studio apartment. :)

  • Stan

    James you’re so right, we deserve a 4x cancer victim, member of the Keating 5, man who abandoned his first family for a beer heiress and a hockey mom to run this country. We don’t deserve a Harvard educated lawyer and senator running with a 35 year veteran of the US Senate to lead us. You’re so right. I can’t believe I was so wrong.