Helicopters over the Heights this morning

Because of the Occupy Wall Street activity in Lower Manhattan, Police and Media helicopters are hovering or flying lower over Brooklyn Heights and the East River. Protests are expected to continue throughout the day.

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  • GHB

    I thought that the helicopters were hovering because… it’s Thursday.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Do they even need a reason to hover over the Heights at 6AM nearly every day this week?


    Does anyone have any idea of the role these particular, costly noise-makers might have played in apprehending criminals or preventing criminal behavior? Seriously. I mean in addition to racking up valuable overtime for the officers involved.

  • David on Middagh

    MLB, I’m with you. Police choppers seem like overkill. At least the news choppers will share their footage, for a more accurate estimate of participation.

  • BHlife

    Unbearable amount of noise and agitation as a result of non-stop helicopter activity. This morning I saw FOUR choppers hovering simultaneously above lower Manhattan.

  • Knight

    Police helicopters are a waste of time, money, and manpower in a situation like this. I work right across the river from the Heights and have heard them all day, too. News helicopters are the same waste but at least it’s not our tax money being thrown away!

  • stuart

    I have always kind of liked helicopters. They are amazing machines.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/13189502@N02/ Eddyenergizer

    I was in lower Manhattan last night and all day (not part of the OWS). The hell-o-copters commenced at sunrise… and are still droning. I kind of agree with Knight. I’m not really sure what advantage police/news helicopters are when the streets are already saturated with police & reporters.

  • wrennie

    I’ve never been around during the weekdays and have always wondered when reading blog comments about the tourist helicopters buzzing around: how bad could it really be? I’m over on Hicks right now and had to shut my windows (sigh–great sleeping weather!) because the constant drone really is quite annoying! Hopefully they quit before bed time.

  • stuart

    where I live the noise from the trucks on the BQE drown out the helicopters. I rarely hear them.

  • David on Middagh

    ‘smessing up my CBS!

  • Hello Brooklyn

    Die Walkure!