Bagel Price Drop Makes NY Daily News photo

Last week, Montague Street’s Hot Bagels and Deli lowered their prices (as some have commented here and Eater reported on Friday).  Today the NY Daily News either proves that it’s a slow news month or that this is a BIG DEAL:

NY Daily News: With gas and milk…: The drop made the bagel shop the cheapest in the area, with La Bagel Delight on Court St. still charging a buck a bagel and Dunkin’ Donuts asking $1.20.

The drop – and honesty – were music to customers’ ears.

“It’s just a warm feeling,” said Jerry Eisner, 47, of downtown Brooklyn, who came by yesterday for a bagel and lox. “I wish more people would do this.”

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  • AEB

    Given the quality of the bagels available at “Hot,” this levels the playing field somewhat.

  • Monty

    AEB, who has better bagels than these guys around here? I think they are great and really big too. They also have terrific rainbow cookies.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    kudos to hot bagels: great bagels and great folks!

  • AEB

    Monty, wish I could give you a BH alternative to HB, but, alas, I’m at a loss.

    The bagel thing is deeply problematical. Difficult to find those that aren’t:

    too soft
    too cakey
    too, well, generally ersatz.

    Good bagels should be chewy. The bagels of my youth–and let’s not say how many years ago that was exactly, but it’s fifty-plus–had a dense, deeply chewy texture. All were boiled before baking, obligatory if you want the proper “bite.”

    I’ll wager that HB omits this step, as do all commercial–that is, supermarket–brands.

    In Manhattan, there’s H and H Bagels, insufficiently chewy, but good enough if bought when freshly made. However, H and H adds sugar to their bagels, so buyer beware.

    I’d also recommend Ess-a-Bagel (21st & 1st or 50th & 3rd). They get the texture right, and bagels taste of wheat. Their bagels are also large.

    Murray’s in the Village is recommended, too.

    Other than that….

    Would welcome any Brooklyn recommendations.

  • AliG

    I still miss Bagel Lady. No idea why they ever closed.

  • MadeInBrooklyn


    all the bagels at HB are indeed boiled before they are baked.

    i actually like montague street better than h and h, though ess-a are nearly impossible to beat.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    regarding bagel lady: anyone remember that they re-opened on atlantic for what seemed like a minute? part of their closing i am sure had to due with rent, the owner’s horrible attitude couldn’t have helped matters.

  • tj1616

    I was in the bagel store today to buy a dozen bagels, not that they are very good, but at least they are close. How can 12 bagels be $9.90 and A dozen with 3 free be $10.30? Who was the math teacher?

  • maurizio marzano

    Hallo, I live from Florence and I read that someone still misses Bagel Lady. I remember a Bagel Lady in Brooklyn, I would like to know if it’s the same shop and where exactly was, I mean the street and number. Tks