New Blacktop on Willow Street

After a couple of weeks of construction, not to mention the DOT Dude and his megaphone at 7AM telling folks to move their cars or risk being towed, Willow Street has a sweet ‘n’ smooth new blacktop.

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  • AB

    …as does Middagh–have new blacktop, that is.

    And, under the heading of how tiny can a news item get without disappearing entirely: a seriously tilting lamppost (are they still called that?) formerly on the SW corner of Hicks and Middagh has been removed, presumably to be replaced.

  • GHB

    This is news? Half the streets in the Heights are being repaved.

  • No One Of Consequence

    I think that if you want real, substantiated news you’re supposed to read the Brooklyn Paper.

  • Teddy

    State Street is also getting repaved (and really needs it might I add). I didn’t want that street to be left out of this important news post.

  • CallMeTony

    Regarding the “DOT Dude and his megaphone at 7AM”, I gotta say, great planning! what a way to work with the public! (/sarcasm).

    The contractors got my car. I live on Montague, so I guess the megaphone was inadequate to grab my attention a I was getting ready for work. Here’s what happened: Parked my car on Willow at 7 p.m. on Sunday (7/20). At the time, there were temporary “No Parking” signs on every tree indicating a parking restriction in effect on 7/17 & 7/18. I read the signs and figured it was A-O-K to park as the date was 7/20. I also figured it was about time those out-of-date signs were removed. Sometime between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m., someone dutifully crossed out the old dates on the signs and wrote “7/21 – 7/22″. It probably was the guy with the bull horn or the guy driving the tow truck.