Dance Parties on Pier 1 in May

Gothamist predicts vociferous complaints from Brooklyn Heights residents because of the Celebrate Brooklyn! Bridge Dance Parties to be held on Pier 1 on three consecutive Thursday evenings in May, starting at 7:00. These parties are not yet listed on the Park’s calendar, but Gothamist has published a schedule, which follows the jump.

May 12th: Funk Dance Party with Maceo Parker and DJ Spinna
May 19th: Tropical Dance Party with La Excelencia and Que Bajo?! Featuring Uproot Andy and Geko Jones
May 26th: Bhangra Dance Party with Red Baraat and DJ Rekha

Wanna dance? Or, want earplugs?

Update: There’s more info on the BRIC website (but still no closing time).

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  • nabeguy

    They are starting a 7:00, but the real question is, when are they ending?

  • drewb

    Alright! The Celebrate Brooklyn folks know how to throw a party! I’m very happy to see things like this happening in the park, but I’m bummed I’ll be out of town for the Funk Party!

  • John

    Great, more crowds to BH and lack of adequate policing on the side streets. Here come the ravers and stoners from across the land. Looks to me that BH is no more like Paris in the 1920s but more like Amsterdam in the 1990s and Ibizia in 2000s

    Perhaps helicopter fly-bys will dampen the ravers or just mean they pop a few more pills to tak’em higher

    This park is creating positive and negatives for all

  • Luke C

    Sounds like a good use of the space by night and one that will likely drive more business to DUMBO where there actually are several establishments that will appeal to the likely attendees.

  • Homer Fink

    This is a totally awesome lineup for 2000!!!

  • x

    they should build a nightclub on Front Street to cater to the crowds/tourists

  • Jorale-man

    My main concern is this: I hate to see the park get trashed by dance parties. It’s a much different sort of wear and tear than you’ll get from picnickers or people out for an evening stroll. They’ve done a really good job at keeping the park clean and the grass looking healthy; it would be a shame to see things go down the tubes there with too many of these events.

  • x

    BTW this might not end well.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Play something which will really left sprits…play some rockabilly!

    “well I took my ruby jukin’ on the outskirts of town…”

    Hey, I notice a lot of people lifting sprits whenever RAB is