Cascade Commences

Olafur Eliasson’s artificial waterfall positioned below the Promenade was operating this morning, well ahead of its scheduled June 26 debut. Above is a view from near the foot of Remsen Street, complete with rainbow.

Here is a view from the Brooklyn Bridge.

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  • Nelson

    Yes, I happened to have seen this by accident….have to say(and I’ll probably be attacked for this) it is one of dumbest things I’ve seen, and not pretty from the Promenade side view. Looks like an oil dereck or construction in progress.. and this little bit of water coming off…like a fart in the wind. come on…

  • NewtoNabe

    Lol…Couldn’t agree more. I’m all for public art displays(eg: The Gates), but this is more of an eye sore than anything. And, as Nelson so eloquently put it, its not very well designed b/c the water doesn’t even reach the river!

  • GHB

    Think about how good it will feel to walk through the Heights on a windy summer day and feel the nice cool spray of East River water in your face… NOT !!!

  • nabeguy

    I was down at Fulton Landing this morning at about 10:45 and none of the other two in view were operating. Maybe the BH one is having problems, hence the early trials. BTW, if you’ve seen the abstract designs that have been painted onto the streets to direct people to the falls, you’ll know that nabe residents are going to be fielding a lot of “where are the falls” questions this summer.

  • bibi

    It’s really more of a mist-maker than a waterfall isn’t it?
    Niagara Spritz.
    The rainbow would be pretty if it weren’t for the oil dereck looming over it.

  • Homer Fink

    They were only TESTING the water flow yesterday. Photos are not the final product.

  • nabeguy

    In other word, let’s not rain on its parade yet.

  • Billy Reno

    Some shiek in Saudi Arabia is doing the same project using gasoline instead of water…just to piss us off.

  • Bob

    This is where the City gets it wrong:

    The guy should have paid US to let him do this.
    (And paid us a lot).

    And oh, GHB, I think we’ll all need tetanus shots
    from that fine Eau de East River !

  • Ethan

    To be written in a Cornflower Blue Crayola:

    Your oil rig was going off for a very short time waking up my sense of disastrous art. Please don’t mist on this block again, ever.