Sidney Place House Getting Green Makeover

According to Brownstoner, an 1846 vintage row house on Sidney Place is being made into a “Passive House”, a technology developed in Germany that, through use of insulation, airtight windows and doors, and high efficiency heat pumps, reduces the energy needed to heat or cool the house by 80 to 90 percent.

The story indicates that the window treatments have been approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission; it also claims that this is the first Passive House conversion of a landmarked building, but one of the comments in the thread below the story says that a landmarked house in Park Slope has already undergone such a renovation.

Photo: Brownstoner

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  • Perfect Renovation

    Finally, green is the new black! This approval is a statement coming from Landmarks. One can only presume that the facade treatment will be glass-filled which has a very contemporary look, not a very historically preserved aesthetic! Great news that they are willing to look beyond a hard line of rules, but I do wonder about how it will change the character of Sidney Place, presumably the neighbors are satisfied and approve the design. As we all know this is costing the owner a LOT to do, and will be newsworthy when finished. But there are SIMPLE energy improvements the average homeowner can do to make upgrades and improvements to the home – which includes replacing windows, upgrades to heating and cooling systems, alternative energy installations, insulation, EVEN design considerations like kitchen layout, greenspaces/gardens or green roofs or even roof decks with greenery. Everyone has the potential to play a small part in reducing our collective draw on the limited energy resources. We have experience in the neighborhood and with making these important, global, energy improvements to the historic brownstone. We would invite anyone to call us for design assistance or quote on energy modifications that can be made to their brownstones. Kudos Landmarks!