Eagle: Penson Stops DOB from Demolishing 100 Clark Street

The Brooklyn Eagle sheds some interesting light on the demolition of 100 Clark Street. According to the report published today, the DOB had decided that the entire structure, not just the top two floors as originally announced, needed to be taken down. Current owners, the Penson Companies went to court to stop the DOB from tearing the entire building down. As a result, the Eagle says, a stop work order has been issued.

Let’s hope that Penson’s plan is to resurrect and restore this landmark building.

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  • Bart

    While it would be great to see an architecturally appropriate building built on the site, in a way it doesn’t really matter.

    The new building will sit opposite the 60’s monstrosity on Henry and Clark. And the Swedenborg Church was the real gem on the other corner was replaced with the crummy 60’s building.

    Still an architectural masterpiece with 4 storeys and a historical facade from the late 19th century would be preferable to a building of 15 storeys.

  • BklynJace

    We were walking by this yesterday and my five-year-old asked me why they were taking it down and how the building got to being in such bad shape. Before I knew it, I was trying to explain the debate over rent control and rent stablization to him. That was fun. “Well son, when the soldiers came from World War II…”

  • Andrew Porter

    Bart, please remember that LPC rules dictate that a new structure can only be 50 feet high, because the site is within the BH Landmarked area.

    BklynJace, why don’t you continue posting your anti-rent control rants under the name of “Bart”? Please continue making up stories about soldiers coming home from WW2. Of course, rent control was started before the end of the war, so…

  • BklynJace

    I wasn’t aware that I was ranting, or even being anti-rent control. If the WWII point is wrong, is there a source on the subject that’s a good primer from a neutral POV?

    I’m asking seriously, but feel free to ignore if you’d rather stick to random personal attacks.