Run Violet Run!

Homer Fink, BHB publisher/NYU alum writes in the latest Off Topic:

This week’s graduation stunt by “streaker” Will Lopez at NYU’s Yankee Stadium commencement ceremony gives me hope for the generation folks are calling “millennials“. For a while there I thought that they were just going to be a bunch of namby pamby spoiled rotten self righteous hipster doofuses. But yet, there was crackpot Lopez trying to steal home. Well done boy, well done. Let that freak flag fly! Read more

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  • Brian McNamara

    you should be reassured. At today’s (May 17, 2008) Fordham University commencement we had a streaker. Full tilt, naked! He did this about 30 minutes into the opening procession. There were rave reviews from all students. Including a short lived “Let Him Go” chant. He was taken down rather hard on the marble steps of Keating Hall by Fordham Security. So,e people believe he was tasered, but I was not far from the happenings and saw no such thing.