I’m Waitin’ for My Man

May 3rd 2008 - morn

Flickr photo by amysahba

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  • Publius

    Bad move to tie your dog up to a post or tree while you shop or grab a coffee. Every day dogs are stolen from this situation and especially if you have a purebred dog that could fetch (no pun) over $500, you’re asking for trouble if you leave your dog on the street unattended.

  • Snoopy

    Dogs also get stolen to be sold as bait in dog fighting. Very unwise thing to leave your dog unattended like this. Unwise, unthinking, unconscionable.

  • CJP

    I’m not a dog owner but I’d say it’s probably safe to leave your dog tied up like that. But the reason I post is I chuckled to myself this afternoon when I saw the SAME dog (I’m pretty sure) tied up down the block near the Heights Casino!

  • Norman E-Mailer

    Lou Reed! Homer, you subversive bastard!

  • nelson

    I am a dog owner. I would never leave my pet tied in front of a store. I also would not leave my bicycle unlocked or my briefcase on the sidewalk in front of a store. what are people thinking?

  • nabeguy

    Who designed this locking system, David Blaine? The poor dog is trussed up like Hannibel the Cannibel, for God’s sake!
    And is that a cute touch or what to have the lock in the shape of a hydrant!?!?! IMHO, if you accept the responsibility of keeping a dog as a pet, you should also accept the fact that walking them is an integral part of their lives and not just a side-function of yours. Thats why I’m not a dog owner…too immature for my own good.

  • epc

    That’s not a lock. It’s a bag dispenser.