Montague Florist in Same Location Since WWII Moving Across the Street

Qfwfq told us about this the other day and now the Brooklyn Eagle makes it official:

Brooklyn Eagle: Montague’s Oldest Store…: James Weir Floral Co. is vacating 160 Montague where it has been since at least before World War II. The date of its founding is obscure, but it may well be a century old — the oldest surviving business in the same location on Montague Street. This is month it is moving across the street to 155 Montague’s lower level space recently vacated by Artesana Home furnishings. Earlier this was an office of Liberty Travel for a dozen years. But before that the Foffé family had a Continental restaurant there.

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  • No One Of Consequence

    There goes the neighborhood….

  • bornhere

    No piling on for this comment … but I think the Foffe sign (is that eye rolling I see?) is still there, and I think it should be added to the list of Endangered Signs. I also wonder what faaaabulous business will now take over the amazing ground-floor space that’s soon to be empty. Phones? RE? Ooh, ooh — I know — check cashing.

  • Screech

    Busy Chef! That would be totally awesome!!

  • truth

    It would be perfect for Busy Chef!! Quick access to the frozen foods section of Garden of Eden! Save me the truble of defrostin!

  • ABC

    I rarely used that florist, so I’m happy it’s going in one of those spaces that is hard to access with a stroller. Now, I have to wait and pray for the old space.

  • Nelson

    I’m so hoping for another bank!!! We so need another one…..

  • nabeguy

    I guess this leaves Variety Mart as the oldest in situ business on Montague…and if the dust is any indication, some of its stock has been there since it opened.

  • HDEB

    A Jamba Juice would do well on Montague and would be a step in the seemingly inevitable “right” direction (nothing unique!) for the street.
    Too bad I don’t have the $ to buy a franchise location.

  • Joe

    What does Jamba Juice sell in winter? That space is too big for a Jamba Juice?

    Personally I would like a gymboree store since I hate going into Manhattan. The children’s boutique stores around here are a bit pricey to buy everyday clothes and I’m surprised there isn’t a gymboree/baby gap in this area considering it would serve both the neighborhood and the court street/metrotech workers.

    If not a gymboree I vote for a nice neighborhood bar like Pete’s on Atlantic. I love Petes but it is sometimes a schlep to get there.

  • yo


  • HDEB

    I’m for anything as long as it is a chain and expedites the homogenization of Montague st. The community needs to join together so the street doesn’t fill up with unique, (mostly) independently owned businesses like Henry st. North of Montague.

  • Joe

    Montague hasn’t been mom and pop in a while. There may be some hold outs but the reality is that the rents there prevent them from surviving long unless they own their space. I don’t think many of the residents here have an expectation of Montague being like smith st or court st on the cobble hill/carroll garden side. If there is a business that can cater to both locals and the workers and isn’t a bank, cell phone store, eye glass store or real estate office I’d be happy.

  • bhbabe

    I vote for Gymobree/baby gap, even children’s place … or kid’s shoes!!! (so sad what gets me excited these days)

  • Eric

    Beer and Wings!

  • Kris

    unpretentious, comfy bar…would love a jazz space, but i don’t know if this place is big enough.