Fire at Henry Street Gristedes


Fire broke out late this afternoon at the Henry Street Gristedes in Brooklyn Heights. Store workers tell BHB that the blaze was caused by an electrical malfunction in the deli department. According to NYPD on scene there were no injuries but the store is "trashed".  Workers add that most of the damage to the store was from smoke.  As of this writing store employees were waiting to re-access the building to get their belongings (photo below).



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  • bornhere

    But, Andrew – have you been here long enough to agree that Bohack should return to Henry and Love Lane?

  • Andrew Porter

    I do remember Bohack’s. But I’m still waiting for Picadeli to come back to Montague Street. BTW, in the doctor’s office at 13 Monroe Pace, there’s a photo of an Associated Supermarket in the space that became Susu’s Yum-Yum. That’s before my time here (though I do remember when the Heights Cinema was a barber shop and a hardware store).

  • bornhere

    And the north side of Pineapple Walk had a phenomenal little movie house — complete with a uniformed matron toting a flashlight!

  • clarknt67

    chioggia, “But they were the only purveyors of Natural Light beer in the neighborhood. What shall we do?”

    Drink better beer? ;-)

  • since47

    Andrew: I’ve been here forever, but you seem to remember more than I do. An Associated where Su-Su’s used to be – within the stores of 80 Cranberry? I absolutely don’t remember that. But I’m all for bringing back Piccadeli (and the 1980s) because so many things that were wonderful then, wouldn’t be quite the same today.

  • nabeguy

    Ah, yes, Bohacks. I remember the little “live” Christmas trees they used to sell in small metal bases. They were real trees alright, but shellaced in a layer of green paint so thick that they never lost a needle or turned brown. In fact, you probably could keep one tree year after year if you could only figure out where to store the ugly thing.

  • No One Of Consequence

    The crews were out last night pressure washing the soot off the “facade” above Gristede’s.