Open Thread Wednesday 4/2/08

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Flickr photo by Josh Derr

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  • Charlie Sahadi

    While technically in Cobble Hill… does anyone know if there will be ground-floor retail in the new Two Trees apartments near Trader Joes?

  • clarknt67

    the court st NYSC has really gone downhill. there were at least 3 locker doors broken off in the men’s lockerroom, and it was a sloppy mess. it looked very rundown. too bad.

  • Publius

    I agree, the Court St. NYSC has gone far downhill. I’ve been a member since it opened (and a member of the Cobble Hill NYSC for 12 years before that).

    I recently cancelled the membership and joined Eastern Athletic. It’s about $30 more per month, but the cleanliness level is high and the equipment is much better maintained.

  • since47

    Where were you when you took this photo, Josh?

  • elvis III

    I need to find a caricature artist…doesn’t even have to be any good. Anyone know where I can find one around BH or in Manhattan?


  • anon is a great caricature artist…he’s in williamsburg

  • statestreeter

    A well-deserved memorial to a beloved member of a neighborhood institution:

    Anna Montemarano, Matriarch Of Cranberry’s, Dies at 93

  • jd

    @ since47

    I brought my camera with me to the office that day and took this picture from a nearby window while I waited for some stuff to print out.

    (I work at a certain large, beige office building at the north end of Columbia Heights…)

  • Teddy

    Charlie, I thought a Apple store was coming to that location. Maybe I’m wrong.

  • Chris

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. I used to go to Eastern Athletic and now go to NYSC and am much happier there. Save a lot of $ too.

  • bh driver

    Does anyone know anything about the car windows have been smashed in along columbia heights (especially near the dog park)? I have noticed that this is happening mostly on weekend nights and have stopped parking there, but have not heard anything about it.

  • clarknt67

    Brownstoner is reporting that the owner of the Toren rising at the corner of Flatbuh & Myrtle is wooing Apple (but notes Apple isn’t returning the calls).

    Seems this location is a little more upmarket, but the Toren can provide the architecture and interior ambiance Apple would prefer (if not the neighborhood…yet).

  • nabeguy

    Josh, if I worked in the Watchtower Building and had a view like that, I’d think about making a set of seasonal pictorials. That must be an amazing view on a snowy day, and the sunsets must cast an incredible light. Keep up the great work.