Cat Found; Home Sought

While dogs usually dominate the pet-related discussions here, our feline friends are making lots of news this week. This just in from a reader:
According to our correspondent, he was rescued from the engine of a Verizon truck, and “the event’s hero is Don, manager of Perelandra”.

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  • amanda tree

    I think this little cat is adorable. Very winsome style and all – did anyone manage to find his owner – or a new home for him? Don of Perelandra did a good thing for him, for sure!

  • amanda tree

    A thought on another note: Has everyone heard about the new Spa on Columbia Place? It’s got a sort of “edgy” title, “Envy-Looks,” but don’t let that stop you…

    I went in there just to get my bangs trimmed one day, and the owner’s wife, Mara, spent so much time and care with me and was so nice. They gave me champagne and a piece of chocolate, and charged so little.

    Then I went back to them to do my whole hair and they did a beautiful job. I couldn’t keep it right myself due to a wrist injury, and this place was so patient and good to me, charged a fraction of what some of the other high-end stylists charge, and showed surprise when I tipped.

    My hair is easy to work with now, and silky and nice. I just wondered if anyone heard of them and to please stop by and try it out – they do manicures, pedicures, massages, waxing, hairstyling for special events and regular life both.

    They are earnest, gentle and highly skilled! Give them a whirl, Heights Friends!!! They are on the same block as the wonderful and famous Iris Cafe, the renowned womens’ Dr. Weinstock and the new Italian restaurant called Heights Deli, keeping the name of the original Deli in that spot.

    The Iris and Heights Deli are well-visited all the time, and my hope is the “Envy-Looks” place will be also, it would be good if they stay with us as they are THAT good!

    I rarely rave about anything openly, but I don’t mind doing it in this case.

  • north heights res

    Just what, Amanda, does any of that have to do with this post? You sound suspiciously like a shill.

  • Claude Scales

    Amanda did go off-topic (fifty lashes with a wet noodle, Ms. T., and remember to save similar comments for an “open thread”) but she’s not a shill, just an enthusiastic Willowtown resident hoping that the new businesses along Columbia Place will prosper, instead of leaving empty storefronts as before.