Smokin’ Rita at Pierrepont Playground

Buskers Smokin’ Rita have been entertaining passersby on the Promenade for the past several days. Yesterday afternoon, they set up facing Pierrepont Playground, and found the kids and caretakers, and what looks like a shepherd mix, to be an appreciative audience. One of the youngsters called out “Rolling Stones”, and they responded with “It’s All Over Now”.

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  • lori

    I saw them on the promenade at 11 AM and was surprised they were still there, in front of the playground, at 4 PM – a bunch of kids were inside along the fence singing “We all live in a yellow submarine”

  • frenchbull

    which one is Rita?

  • Claude Scales

    Good question. Next time I see them, I’ll ask.

  • frenchbull

    love the video with the howling dog

  • Claude Scales

    I saw them again today and found out I got the name wrong: it’s “Smokin’ Rita”, and neither of them is Rita. The guitarist/harmonicist is Andy, and the drummer/tambourinist is Stan.