Paging Maury Povich: Michael Mailer Leaves Wife

The late Norman Mailer’s son, Michael, is telling friends that he and his wife Dominique “Sasha” Lazard have separated.  The NY Post reports that Lazard gave birth to another man’s child in June, surprising Mailer who believed the child was his.  The couple’s marriage, now worthy of an appearance on The Maury Show, had a romantic start in Brooklyn Heights in 2004:

NY Post: Mailer — the eldest son of the late literary lion — married Lazard in Tulum, Mexico, in May 2004, having proposed by taking the stunning blonde on a helicopter ride over the roof of his Brooklyn Heights building, where he’d spelled out “Will you marry me?” in Christmas lights.

They have one child together, son Cyrus, who turned 4 on June 27. A January online interview with Lazard about her singing career noted that she “and her husband were expecting their second baby later this year.”

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  • AEB

    I’m betting that the corespondent is the panda….

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Povich? sounds more like Springer…

  • Mickey

    How did he know that the baby was not his? Did she come clean; did the real father interject himself; or was there an obvious ethnic disparity?