Friday Night’s Fireworks — Caught on Tape

The East River fireworks booming over Brooklyn Heights on Friday night were caught on video by YouTube user mailtrap22.  Footage after the jump.

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  • George Earl

    Might have been fun for those Heights residents who’d been warned that such a display was forthcoming. However, for a worthwhile majority of us, that could have been THE gigantic outburst that more and more folks are expecting to eventually occur down ’round the proposed temple near what used to be the World Trade Center.

  • tonka

    It’s too bad that whoever sponsored the fireworks did realize, or stop to think, that fireworks on Yom Kippur might be offensive to a sizable population of New Yorkers.

  • hoppy

    Perhaps the only thing more pathetic than watching fireworks on TV is watching them on youtube.

  • Jorale-man

    This was covered on another post already but I’m of the mindset that if you don’t like the fireworks, don’t look at them. Yes, they were loud and maybe a little annoying but so are a lot of other things in this city.

  • George

    Is there any place the provides information on when fireworks will be set off? It seems as though I always hear about fireworks displays after they occur.