OK Newser Visits Brooklyn Heights

Oklahoman reporter Mi-Ling Stone Poole visits Brooklyn Heights and tells the folks back home:

NewsOK: Another jewel in Brooklyn is the St. Ann & Holy Trinity Church at Montague and Clinton.

We ventured into this 1847 Gothic Revival structure and were impressed by the beauty and grandeur of the space. We were catapulted back in time when the pipe organ was being played.

Of course, the highlight of my day was taking in the views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline from the East River promenade. The Brooklyn Bridge is the oldest suspension bridge in the United States, dating to 1893; it connects the Manhattan boroughs to Brooklyn.

We didn’t mention the Brooklyn Bridge misinfo in the OK piece – “eg” points out the bridge opened in 1883.

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  • eg

    wrong about opening of the Brooklyn Bridge, Opened in 1883.

  • ujh

    Too bad that Stone Poole didn’t mention that the church was designed by Minard Lafever and the windows were designed by William Jay Bolton as the first pictorial stained-glass windows manufactured in the United States.

  • Neil

    Even with its corrected opening date, it’s not the oldest U.S. suspension bridge, that honor belonging to Roebling’s own Delaware Aqueduct (1847).

    Other U.S. suspension bridges also predate the BB, but with their demise or necessity of complete rebuilding after failure, don’t qualify.