It’s Crazy Friday for Parents, Rugrats

It's "Crazy Friday" according the  Today is the day when parents find out if their kids have been accepted into various private kindergarten programs around the city, including Brooklyn Heights. Can you say "First World Problem"?: Crazy Friday…: It's not just crazy in Manhattan, said Ana Patel, who works for an international human rights organization and lives with her lawyer husband and 4 1/2-year-old son in Brooklyn. After applying to five schools, they won acceptance at a private kindergarten in Brooklyn Heights, where the child can continue through high school.

“You find yourself having the most inane conversations with other parents because it suddenly becomes a big deal whether they get in or not,'' Patel said. “Do you call the head of development during the first round? Do you send her flowers? Do you send her a thank-you note? Is e-mail OK or should it be handwritten, or on some kind of stationary?''

And now a passage that may have some of you reaching for a prescription, a weapon or a large bottle of booze:

“You don't want to look like every other person who lives on the Upper East or Upper West Side. The husband works on Wall Street, probably for Goldman Sachs, the wife doesn't work any more, her name is Melissa, she's 40 years old, has a 2-year-old kid and wears those pants with the word `Juicy' across the butt,'' Uhry said. “You know how many of those `Melissa Moms' we see around here?''

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  • ABC

    I think letters are mailed today, so unless you live in the post office, you won’t get them til tomorrow or — gasp! — Tuesday.

  • HDEB

    Education is (and should be) a big deal.

    My son is 9 months old and we’re already thinking about preschool applications. When he is 4 years old he’ll be at a disadvantage in getting accepted because he only speaks one language. Slightly ridiculous but true

    A healthy balance has to be found between kids being kids by having lots of ridiculous, carefree fun and seriously pursuing becoming the best individual they can.

  • anon

    ABC, FYI some schools use email to notify now – but they don’t hit the “send” button ’till 2:59:59 so the ‘crazy’ parents don’t get to call a human ’till after next week’s school vacations end!

  • ABC

    but not Packer/St Anns/Friends, right? or maybe they do too now. luckily, I am NOT involved this year.