Villagers’ Conor O’Brien Takes to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Since we’re on a roll with al fresco music in Brooklyn Heights this week,  we thought it a good idea to share this performance by Irishman Conor O’Brien of Villagers shot by The Tripwire recently on the Promenade:

The Tripwire: We met up with Villagers‘ Conor O’Brien last week on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade to film what would feel, retrospectively, like a serenade along the banks of the East River. Romance! Skylines! Moving on. O’Brien told us that his goal on tour at the moment is to play “Becoming a Jackal” in every city he visits or just about anywhere he steps foot. The latter seems like a stretch, but it was still fitting that of the two songs he shared with us that afternoon, “Becoming a Jackal” sounded as fresh as it did.

Villagers – “Ship Of Promises” from The Tripwire on Vimeo.

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Man, there is some great young talent out there. Very exciting stuff. Thanks Homer. Can we sign him up for the Brooklyn Heights Blog Festival on the South portion of Pier One next year. We have some great candidates. Now this is what i am talking about for BHB Festival 2011.

  • T.K. Small

    I just watched both of these clips. This guy is fantastic!

  • nabeguy

    That’s a lot of music coming out of one person. He’s got incredible talent. And definitely better hair than Conan.

  • T.K. Small

    This absolutely illustrates what I love about the Internet. While searching for an interview of another artist recently interviewed on David Dye’s World Café, I came across a clip of the studio versions of the two songs above. Enjoy!

  • Ursula Hahn

    Wish Project Issue Room had presented a singer like Conor at the “Whitman Special” on Pier 1 (at least during the time I was there, between 8-10 p.m.).

  • Lauren

    I just saw that the video for “Becoming A Jackal” is free on iTunes this week.

  • T.K. Small

    Recently I posted on another social networking platform (yes, there is something other than BHB) a link to the above videos and a old friend/former Heights resident sent me the following link:

    While this is very different music, I thought some folks might find it interesting.

  • T.K. Small

    I just heard the “Villagers” on WFUV.