Mr. Junkersfeld Discovers Julia Ilowiecki


Our Karl Junkersfeld is head over heels for Good Morning America staffer turned up and coming pop star Julia Ilowieki (@Julia_ilowiecki).  He caught her playing the Streetpiano on Pier 1 and he hasn’t stopped talking about it.   For days. Seriously.  Without further ado, here’s his video:

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  • Brian Kadar

    I recently moved to Brooklyn Heights with my girlfriend, who is also an up-and-coming singer/songwriter. Here’s a video of her covering “Hallelujah” at the same piano at night

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Now that is what I am talking about, neighborhood artists who have talent and are worthy of performing in an idyllic location such as the southern part of Pier One with the Statue Of Liberty in the background. Brian, you neglected to say that your girlfriend is Amanda Kaletsky, a fantastic young talent. This is my favorite song by her on YouTube.

    Can we get talent like this on that southern stage on Pier One? Please.

  • Brian Kadar


    I was trying to be modest. But who was I kidding? She’s playing at Rockwood Music Hall next Sunday night. Consider this a formal invitation to you and the rest of Brooklyn Heights, hope to see you there?

    Written from Cranberry St.

  • nabeguy

    Karl, you might turn out to be the Rudolf Bing of BPP. Of course, then I’d have to start calling you Bada Bing.

  • justaneighbor

    Gorgeous, Brian. That’s a tough song to do justice to and I think she did spectacular. So she’s playing Rockwood on the 11th?

  • Brian Kadar

    @justaneighbor – Thanks. Yes, this Sunday (7/11) at 9PM. Hope to see you there!