Live Blogging BQE EIS Meeting

7pm : NYSDOT’s Peter King intros.
Asks public to hold comments to end – let Stakeholder Advisory Committee ask questions as things go along.

Saying it’s still a process and we “don’t haves project yet.”

Adds that the BQE is old but healthy and “unlike me” it can be rejuvenated.

King is confident that “at the end of the day, we can have a project that everybody can live with.”

7:15pm No “go” project until 2018.
King – ” this is a work in progress… Understand that especially regarding some of the more exotic alignments.”

7:20: Going through illustrations. We’ll post later!

CS1 – stays away from historic districts; could result in extending the Promenade.

R1- fixes BQE on current alignment. Impact during construction. No other impact — Joe Izzo says this is a “viable” option at this time.

T1 – Tunnel!! BQE stays open during construction. Existing BQE could add bikepath among other things .

T2 – another tunnel!! Follows existing BQE.

T3 – Outboard tunnel!! Into the river! Existig BQE would need to close for construction.

DS1- this is the one where they destroy the North Heights. “questionable viabilty”. (you think?)

DS2- fully compliant with standards as is DS1.

7:35: Peter King —
Criteria for designs:
Improve traffic
Reduce diversion of traffic
Environmental effects

King says – “by the tenents of criteria number four” DS1 and DS2 not happening. “this (plan) goes no place.”

NO DESTRUCTION of North Heights!!

7:43- Jim Brown in the house!
7:48 – Doug Adams lays down some transit options — variable pricing anyone? HOV lanes?

This is all brainstorming, please don’t freak out.

Ok, now that our homes aren’t going to be destroyed I’m thinking about Great Wall. Mmmmm.

There really needs to be a little show biz in these presentations guys.

We’ll have doc scans up later.

8:04 – Question time!
Lots of yack about next meedting. Nabeguy and TK are gone…. We’re outty!

But wait…. There’s debate about inviting the media! As in don’t! Now that’s transparency!

Judy Stanton says let that media in! You go girl!

Gotta say this King guy seems sane… Take that newspaper fear mongers!!

The public really wants to ask questions but the SAC still yacking!

DOT – takes 2 weeks to get info online. That’s Latin for more PR disasters to come.

Guy from ABA(?) wants elected and press here.

Sure, soon is the response.

Ok now I’m really out of here — phrase “dog parents” just used with no irony.

Download meeting presentation here.

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  • nabeguy

    Having sat next to Homer at this assembly, his live feed is a pretty good synopsis of events. Sorry I left before the potential fisticuffs over media access (btw, Channel 12 was on the scene). While I concur with Homer’s evaluation of the sanity of Peter King, I always get a bit worried when someone emphasizes that the planning of a project of this scale is a “process”. I’m fine with that concept as long as it doesn’t lead to a “process” of elimination.The “speed compliance” plans, which would have resulted in the destruction of hugh swaths of Willowtown, BH or Dumbo, were wisely yanked, as they did not meet the last criterion for design, namely the impact on the immediate environment (or residents, if you want to get all euphemistic). But does anyone know if the funding of this project includes state/federal dollars that may be lost by not being compliant? King did say that the two speed plans “failed” in regards to the 4th design criterion…but he also praised them for meeting the needs of the first 3, to the point of saying that they both perfectly met the “holy grail” of engineering, namely, simplicity. Hearing that, I thought to myself that, while King may not look like Moses, he was certainly starting to smell like him.

  • T.K. Small

    Thank goodness the “speed compliance” plans were rejected. I have it on good information that Homer brought with him 2 dead cats and a dozen rotten eggs as potential projectiles! It could have gotten quite messy.

  • Homer Fink

    I was ready to counter with my equally feasible plan of building a time machine to go back in time to whack Robert Moses before he could build the BQE.

  • nabeguy

    To which I counter we should go even further back and whack Henry Ford. Or, at the very least, Edsel Ford.