Writer’s Strike Hits Heights

As TV writers hit the picket line and demand fair compensation for "new media", we're reminded that this crisis is hitting some of our neighbors. The NY Post reports:

NY Post: Quitcoms Hit TV: David Cohen, 42, a TV writer from Brooklyn Heights, says he's hardly getting rich.

"If I make more than the average teacher makes, it was a good year," Cohen said. "We work very hard to create content that the studios make millions off of. We just want our pennies."

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  • Teddy

    Concerning the “new media”, I read that DVD sales are down and NBC will pull all of its TV shows off iTunes in January because they’re not happy with the money they’re making off iTunes sales. HD DVD & Blu-ray sales are lackluster as the two formats appear to be taking the same path as DVD-Audio and SACD. Even if one format eventually “wins”, it doesn’t mean it will be successful.

    Keep in mind that a lot of people are downloading torrents of their favorite TV shows for free or paying a minimal fee to use services like rapidshare.com to download TV shows, music, movies & more. This is probably what studios are most concerned about at the moment.

    It’s just something to think about.

  • GHB

    “If I make more than the average teacher makes, it was a good year”
    Is he saying he should make more than teachers? The most underpaid, overworked and important people we have? Those who teach our kids? For writing shitty TV? No, I don’t think so…

  • frank

    Nice to know people making under 40K can still afford to live in BH. Must have, at least, 10 roomates I think. Anyway, whose asking him to work for such low pay anyway? Does he think he’s providing some essential service to somebody?
    But maybe it’s like a humanities professor…they like what they do and would do it for free so why pay them more than you have to?

  • cs

    That’s very funny Frank. I make almost 2-1/2 times what the writer makes and I’m having a hard time staying in the Heights. Just a one bedroom, no roommates.

  • Teddy

    He may have a rent-stabilized apt. He may also need a few more “pennies” for that 40″+ LCD/Plasma he saw at J&R and a trip to the Caribbean this winter.