Update on Class Action Against Riverside Landlord

As a follow-up to our earlier story about a class action suit, charging, among other things, tenant harassment, brought against Pinnacle Group NY, LLC, owner of the Riverside Apartments, we received the following today as a comment to the prior post:

At a press conference held at the Dunbar Apartments yesterday, Pinnacle tenants in the class action RICO suit announced a “Class Action Classroom”, seminar and forum open to all 60,000 tenants who currently live in Pinnacle buildings in all Boros, and all others who have lived in a Pinnacle building between July 2004 and the present, including all those who have been harassed or driven out of Pinnacle Buildings. The goal is to educate tenants about their rights and how to obtain relief and damages as part of the class. Date: May 23, 2010. Place: Oberia Dempsey Center 127 West 127th Street, Manhattan. information? Call Scott Stringer’s Office, 212-669-8300 or the the law firm of Jenner & Block at 212-891-1600.

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