Dog Free Lawn Signs Up at Pier One


It seemed whenever I was down at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1, the park ranger would spend 90% of his time telling people to keep their dogs off the lawn. Maybe now he can do something else with his time. This is the first time I saw these signs.

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  • WillowtownCop

    Who are the dog Nazis that made that rule?

  • cat

    The ones who are tired of stepping in dog crap all over the neighborhood.

  • x

    there is a nice dog park at the Hillside run, just a minute away! DOgs can go off leash there

  • Matthew Parker

    Karl: Not sure where you got your 90% statistic from. I’ve been walking my dog on Pier One 2-3x every day since opening day and I’ve never seen one dog on the grass.

    I do notice that dog owners are one of the largest contituencies for the new park, and I’ve seen 100% compliance with the no dogs on grass rules in the 50+ hours I’ve already enjoyed in our stunning new park.

  • Heightsman

    Thank god! Who needs dogs on the grass anyway. They piss and sh!t all over my sidewalk. Thank the lord. Go have a kid already. My kids don’t piss and sh1t all over your sidewalk.

  • Andrew Porter

    I was there a few days after the lawns opened, and saw a man with a little white dog on the lawn. I told him it was against the rules, and he told me it was none of my business—which pushed most of my buttons. I complained to a cleaner, who told me they had already asked this man *three* times to remove his dog. He also told me there was only one PEP —Park Enforcement Police—officer, who was not present at the time. I ended up calling the BHA and the 84th Precinct, the latter of which who did not want to send a squad car to Pier One.

    An hour later, the man was still there with his dog, and as I was leaving, I saw the PEP officer, told him what I saw, and accompanied him back to the area where the man with his dog was still there. I didn’t wait to see what happened.

    There are always people—this guy was well-dressed, and working using a Backberry—who think the rules don’t apply to them. But he’s wrong.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Actually Matthew, the 90% figure may be a bit hyperbolic. My wife and I weren’t blaming the dog owners since the only signage we saw telling them to restrict their dog was the sign as you enter the park with 10 other rules that very few read.

    My comment was not to cast aspersions on dog owners but to congratulate the park on finally putting up a sign that clearly states a rule that was frequently violated due to lack of knowledge. My wife and I felt sympathy for the ranger.

  • Matthew Parker


    Thanks for clarifying. I have a zero tolerance policy toward irresponsible dog owners who don’t obey all rules regarding pets. Having said that, it appears from my observation that most people who use the new park do know the rules and are following them.

    I think it’s a good idea that the signs have been put up, in case the anticipated new throngs this summer don’t spend the time to read the rules sign in front.

    With regard to any park rule governing such things as music, bicycles, or dogs, I favor an approach of Signage, Education and Enforcement.

    My obseveration of the Parks Enforcement Police at Pier One shows that the two officers per shift don’t have much to do because all of the rules are being complied with by park goerss. Not to cast aspersions on the PEP officers, but it appears they don’t have much to do. But I’m glad they are there as a deterrant to rulebreaking and possibly to crime.

  • heightsman2

    heightsman…why so angry?

  • Bartmann

    When I saw the BEAUTIFUL lawn at Pier 1 the first thing I did was to lie down on the grass. If dogs were never to pee or crap on it I would certainly not see a problem. But they don’t know better: they see grass and think “Pee/Crap”. Even a responsible owner such as myself can’t stop my dog from peeing once he starts; it happens too fast. Even though I love dogs, I think the dog law is good because it will keep the lawn nice.


  • Hicks St guy

    sure, the dog owners will honor the sign. a dog owner not getting their way! the dog’s civil rights have been abused! many dog owners make me sick, and I love dogs, and had one for 10 years. never imposed him on anyone like many owners in BH do.

  • zburch

    Sign Sign everywhere a sign
    Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind
    Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign

  • kh

    As a responsible dog owner I think it’s unfair that one of the lawns is not designated dogs allowed, not asking for off leash like a run but at least allowed to sit on a blanket with their owner. So dog owner’s in the neighborhood get to look at the park but not really use it, we get to have tourists and others drag themselves through our neighborhood with their garbage to get to the park but we can’t use it ourselves. I happen to be a dog owner and parent so I understand people not wanting their kids to step in crap but I know for a fact my dog is cleaner and better behaved than allot of children and adults. Enjoy your park.

  • Dylan

    Note to kh–Actually you can stroll with your dog along all of the paved paths and sit on any of the benchs, as I’ve seen a number of dog owners do. And there is the hillside doggie park only a couple of blocks away. Once dogs are invited on to the lawns, there will inevitably be a few dog owners that don’t tend to their dogs and ruin the lawn for all the people who want to sit, lie or play on the lawn-or walk barefoot, play with their kids, etc.

  • kh

    Dylan, I realize there is a dog run, which is beside the point, there are also several fenced in playgrounds for children. It would be nice if one of the lawns allowed dog owner’s and their leashed dogs to sit and enjoy the park like others. Not all the lawns need to be dog free. Central Park has designated areas and it works nicely for all.

  • Ari

    I’m with KH.

    I’m not sure about every dog that people are generalizing about. But my dog (after a decent walk) doesn’t immediately approach a grassy area as a toilet. He is perfectly capable of walking on the grass without feeling the urge to expel additional urine and feces.

    The fact that dog owners are barred from simply sitting down on the grass to just lounge or do whatever with their pooches is a little misguided, and frankly shows the false assumption that all dogs will simply expel themselves the moment they step on to the grass.

  • killa

    Ari, that’s because they do. Dogs already ruin our sidewalks. Some of us have a right not to be around the little beasts 24/7. Is dog urine somehow less offensive than human urine? Should we let incontinent humans befoul every last inch of public space? Then we shouldn’t let dogs do it either.

  • Ari

    Killa, you make valid points. I get where you’re coming from. And from your perspective, I see why they have barred dogs from the grass lawns at the park. And I’m glad you have place to see refuge from the menacing dogs that plague Brooklyn Heights.

    Dogs, however are a lot smarter and practical thinkers than people give would like to give them credit for.

    I have a home in Rockland County with close to 1.5 acres of grassy lawns, and my dog certainly appreciates the grassy lawn and he loves to frolic and play on it, but he never, ever uses it as a toilet. Its a place that he enjoys to use, and just like us, dogs do not like hanging out in places covered in urine and crap (even their own). He always goes into the woods or somewhere away from the grassy areas to expel himself.

    So from that perspective, I hope you can see why some dog owners (I can only speak for myself) hoped to have some place in this great park where we can sit and picnic and relax on the grass with our menacing little beasts

  • DumBored

    This park, although beautiful, kinda sucks. No designated area (and please note to all the dog haters I said “designated” area) for owners and their dogs, no rollerblading. Between the buses filled with people and the tourist line for Grimaldi’s the neighborhood is slowly turning into the Times Square of Brooklyn….

  • killa

    Yes, DumBored, we should all be very upset about tourist dollars coming into our economy during this Greatest of Recessions. We should also be upset that a beautiful new park — one of the first good uses of the waterfront in NYC history — is the thing drawing all those dirty Germans and French here in the first place.

    There are a bunch more piers opening. I’m sure one or more can accommodate dogs and roller-bladers. Or, dare I dream, rollerblading dogs.

  • ratNYC

    @Andrew Porter: So, you confronted the perpetrator, and he told you to mind your own business, so you went and told some park employees who did nothing, then you called the cops who basically ignored you, then you went to get the park ranger, informed him about the blatant violation in progress and escorted him to make sure he enforced the park rules but did not stick around to see what happened? Wow. I’ve never been to that part of the park yet, and I don’t care for dogs or for lawns, but I’m sure this is very likely what happened after you left: Park Ranger: “Er, excuse me sir, dogs are not allowed on the lawn” Perpetrator: “Oh, sorry officer, I did not see the signs. I’ll move immediately…” (walks out of the lawn with stupid tiny dog) – Ranger: “No problem…”

  • DumBored

    Ok “killa”, let’s get serious here. You live in DUMBO or BH, you aren’t feeling the recession too much. You act like this is Detroit, get a grip on the reality around you dude. I’m talking about the neighborhood turning into Times Square….you think people want to live there??? And quite frankly it’s offensive that you are referring to tourists as “dirty”.

  • killa

    Um, I’m expressing your attitude toward tourists, DumBored. And restaurant and business owners around here are feeling the recession even if you’re not, jackass.

  • Lou

    I’m fine with the no dogs rule. Prospect park apparently has very lax dog rules and and we’re always stepping in dog crap in the grass. I’m all for a dog free zone. I don’t care if you have a tiny little pocket dog or a great dane. The are both going to poop and pee at times you aren’t prepared for and why not protect the grass lounging area from that kind of issue altogether? I’m sure that pocket dog guy in the story above would have been all “Oh no, mr. winkies did you piddle? Oh you’re so small no one will notice if you make number one on the gweat big lawn. Isn’t that right mr. winkies?”

    Could they plant grass in the dog run to have an area where dogs and people could lie down? Why not. Or right, the dogs would run all over it and poop and pee on it and ruin it. Oh well.

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    BH’s obsessions, as observed through reading the BHB:

    Dogs in parks
    Soccer players in parks
    People parking cars in bike lanes
    children (hate/love)
    Key Food

    Did I miss anything?

  • wonk

    I don’t quite understand the “dog owners can’t visit the park” argument. It’s not as if dog owners are fundamentally excluded from visiting the park — they simply can’t do so with a dog.

    Some time this year, Hostel III will hit the theaters. Adults with children are encouraged to pay $12 to see this movie, which is sure to be magnificant. They are not, however, allowed to take their 7-year old to the Regal.

    Some things are by the very nature not for everyone.

  • mike

    Teddie Boy Eddie, you missed a couple of staples of the BHB:
    expensive commercial rents
    mermaids on parade

  • ReBarboy

    Killa, you sure are defensive. Your argument is clearly based upon emotion, not fact. Dumbored did not state anything derogatory about tourists, you referred to them as dirty. From the look of things the only businesses feeling the “recession” (which is quite a funny thing to say in such an affluent neighborhood…BH and DUMBO…..filled with Range Rovers and stay at home moms) are those who’s goods defy a reasonable price point anyway.

  • Andrew Porter

    Shocking as it may seem, I actually post under my own name, unlike nearly all here. Any one who takes offense at my words, let’s see if you’ll bother to back your words with your real name, not a dumb pseudonym which allows you to say anything about anyone.

  • Andrew Porter

    Rat NYC: I will continue to do what’s right, not what’s expedient. I’m just kinda weird that way…