Marty to Rock Stars: No Booze for You!

State Senator Martin Connor's district not only covers Brooklyn Heights but Chinatown as well.  Ruling over his turf with an iron fist in a quest to keep that ethnic enclave from being overrun with new bars, Marty and others have pulled the rug out from rocker David Bowie and Sting's new Kenmare Street nightspot Forty Deuce by leading the charge to deny them a liquor license.  On Thursday night, CB2 agreed and voted to rescind its prior approval to grant a license. The venue was planned to be a branch of the "retro burlesque" club chain owned by the stars and partner Ivan Kane.

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  • curious george

    Whatever happened to ‘who, what, when, where, how?’ Why did the senator oppose the license?

  • Truth Williams

    It’s called “click the link, read the full story”.

  • cntwn

    you should have cited the source in your blurb instead of hiding it in a link. somebody spent time actually reporting that.

  • curious george

    Fair enough TW, although now that I have clicked through, I think I would have changed the phrase, “by leading the charge to deny them a liquor license,” because it doesn’t seem to be factually correct. Instead, I would have closed with “because, etc., etc.” Then someone who realized that the text in blue was a link (not me, clearly) would be able to decide if s/he even wanted to read the orignal story.

  • Luna

    Looking lost in Chinatown / Whatever happened to our friends? / Rushing ’round in taxicabs / Is it time to make amends?