Open Thread Wednesday 9/26/07


Another week, another open thread…..

It's been a week of extremes to say the least —

Burn After Reading films in the nabe

Hate comes to the Heights

Is BHA membership worth it? 

Oven cooked by Time Out NY

State Street homes get Hollywood paint job… what do you think? 

…any whatever else is on your mind…. 

Flickr photo of the Coen Brother's painted Heights houses by ra anana

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  • Sean

    Are the Coen brothers currently shooting in the nabe?

  • Walter Sobchak

    I like the houses as painted by the Coens. Maybe they should be kept that way.

  • Truth Williams

    Craft services and trailers all over Cadman Plaza today

  • ABC

    george clooney on hicks this morning. guess shooting has finally begun

  • Tim N.

    Lots of catering on Clark as well. Get a load of the grill!

  • Homer Fink

    We encourage you to take as many pics as possible if you’re around and post to the BHB Photo Club on Flickr!

  • Heights97

    Oven will be gone by January if not sooner.

  • JL

    Heights97, is this a prediction based on a) your personal poor experience b) revunue/cost analysis c) heard through the grapevine d) other. Just curious. Hope your wrong since I have had two good experiences there.

    BTW, also saw the huge setup on Clark, tons of food, water, and a sweet grill/smoker (maybe they will invite us for leftovers).

    Hoping to see anyone famous (of course, wifey would love to see BP or GC). I’m wondering if Angie is accompanying Brad.

  • nabeguy

    I found it amusing that they set up the hair/makeup trailers at one of the better trafficked nabe locations, namely right at the entrance to the A train, where the stars can be seen by their adoring commuter public. “I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Fink!”

  • DAG

    Aw man, I cruised by there with my dog this morning (He’s a Clooney fan, of course), and didn’t see any hansome celebs, although the omelette cart looked pretty tasty.

  • splash

    Take pics!! I would love to see clooney and pitt!

  • bhb reader

    Anyone else remember when a crew manufactured snow on Remsen Street for Winona Ryder’s Age of Innocence? I lived on Remsen at the time & took loads of pictures from my window!

  • Nigel

    I love craft services!

  • joe

    I’m so sick of filming. Parking in BH is hard enough as it is when summer is over. Much as I love the Coen brothers, I rather have street parking.

  • amy

    JL and Karl I wouldn’t worry about oven closing.

  • Anonymous BH Resident

    Interesting bit this afternoon in the Times regarding a concept to bring more people into the Cadman Park Plaza.. park.. Well, besides movie crews, that is..