Movie Shoots? Feh!

“T” writes BHB regarding the Burn After Reading shoot:

Just checking in to inquire if anybody knows anything about the current movie shoot–a stretch of Hicks between Clark and Pierrepont has been blocked off for two weeks, and starting tomorrow, something like seven blocks will be closed.  Help!  I’ll call Yassky’s office to complain, but I thought that there might be something on the blog.

Considering the star George Clooney seems to be rebounding from his recent motorcycle wipeout rapidly, it seems that we can look forward to some more movie making in the nabe soon.

Do movie shoots annoy you like they seem to peeve “T”?

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  • Tim N.

    Being in the “biz” (well, sort of) I usually try to support the crews that come here, but these guys are ridiculous. They’ve blocked off two blocks on Clark, three blocks on CH, and I think three blocks on Hicks, and they are going to be here until Monday. This after holding those Hicks spots for two weeks so far. This is nuts. I will call Yassky’s office as well, and I encourage others to do so.

    What is eyeballing George Clooney in person going to get you? I don’t understand. I also don’t get what we in the nabe are getting out of this, except the chance to say, “Look, my building!” when this film comes to DVD. Watch the HIP commercial, you’ll get over it.

    There are cool crews – most of the indie crews are unfailingly nice, and the L&O guys are always very professional; they come in, they shoot, they leave – but when you see excesses like this you think they’ve either got way too much damn money or a ridiculously inexperienced director, or both. Either way, I highly doubt the “greatness” of the film will outweigh the upending of the neighborhood.

  • beach lady

    I find it fun to ogle men, especially famous, good-looking men.

    At the end of it, I will have a good time and an interesting story to tell…. that’s what i get.

  • beach lady


  • steve

    Was it a HIP commercial or a GHI commercial Tim N? At any rate, as I understand it, Brooklyn Heights is filling in as a sort of architectural facsimile for Georgetown in “Burn After Reading.” So unlike “Moonstruck” or “Manhattan,” it might not be as fun to see familiar parts of our neighborhood up on the Big Screen when this new movie opens. What is the best movie, by the way, that was filmed on location in Brooklyn Heights where the story itself also took place in the Heights?

  • .

    the coen brothers are great and well respected in the film world so i don’t think your inexperienced theory works. check out their films and you will soon see their intelligence and eye for detail and scenery and then you might understand the excesses. i’d rather see them in action than eyeball george clooney, but if i can do both at once…even better! lets encourage more films filmed in new york.

  • Nelson

    More Films in New York…..great, but let’s have them shut down other neighborhoods… The city’s making money off of this and we’re loosing our quiet neb. Get over ogling actors…geeez

  • GCN

    Can someone tell me if George Clooney will be nude in this film? And at Palmira’s? Please tell me it is so. Please.