European in the Pool

The New York Times covers the St. Francis College water polo team which now includes some strapping young players from Europe:

New York Times: St. Francis Spices Up Water Polo Team: The trip to Kennedy Airport has become an August ritual for Carl Quigley. From the St. Francis campus in Brooklyn, where he has coached water polo for 32 years, the airport is only a 30-minute drive. But for the recruits he usually goes to meet, J.F.K. is 4,000 miles from home, and the sticky floor of Terminal 3 is the first American soil they have ever tread.

Last month, Quigley picked up four members of his Class of 2011, a group of players from Hungary and Serbia whom he had never met. Quigley and his co-head coach, Michael Klochkov, do not have the resources to engage in long-distance scouting trips, so they have spent more than a decade turning nearly blind recruiting into an art.

Photo: Beatrice de Gea for The New York Times

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