Snowacaine in Brooklyn Heights

How ’bout that snow… imagine if that was rain!

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  • ratNYC

    Is it not, Snowrricane? otherwise it sounds like novocaine falling from the sky…

  • Homer Fink

    rat – you got me! :)

  • Mike

    I was thinking it sounded more like cocaine. I think it’s “Snowicane”.

  • jason

    shot on an iPhone?

  • AEB

    Very nice! Much better to see the storm in a vid on my computer than outside, though my window.

    I’m a snowaphobic–would happily have had rain instead….

    PS, the sun was out an hour ago. Now the sky is gray and it’s…snowing again. Feh!

  • charles almon

    Gosh, here’s a great word – BLIZZARD.
    Nope, sounds like buzzard.

  • RatNYC

    @jason: better than “shot for an Iphone”

  • Ron

    I’m getting paranoid about snow on tree’s..The last snow storm brought a tree down on my block (Remsen st. (off Hicks).
    The guy who was killed the other day when a limb fell on him in Central Park??….help..!

  • travy

    neat video with some shots of bbp and the heights: