Soccer Scribe Hits Floyd writer Noah Davis is writing a series of stories about soccer bars in the United States.  One of the first stops he'll make is at FloydNY on Saturday. While we're still smartin' from our dissing re: bocce, Floyd is still a great place to watch a big game: Pub Crawling: At 8 a.m. on Saturday, I'll stagger into Floyd's (along with anyone I can drag with me), prepared to chant "The Tottenham sing the Arsenal run away/And we will fight forever more because of Boxing Day" with the Hotspurs faithful. If someone hands me an illicit pint, so be it. In the spirit of fitting in, I'll drink to victory.

Where I end up is anyone's guess. Hopefully it will involve a bagel and coffee, and possibly my bed, but if someone suggests a victory lap across the Brooklyn Bridge, I'm game.

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  • Audere est Facere

    Plese remove any references to Spurs-Ars*nal from this blog pronto! For the sake of the Children, or at least until the High Holy Days have passed!

  • Truth “Pele” Williams

    You act as though Spurs lost the game… oh wait… they did.