There’s a New Podcast in Town – The Sporkful

sf_itunes_logo_300x300There’s a new podcast in town. Brooklyn Heights resident and former NPR producer Dan Pashman and his co-host Mark Garrison (Williamsburg) are taking a fun and unconventional approach to food in their new program “The Sporkful.”  “It’s a podcast about food,” says Pashman, “but not so much about cooking, recipes or restaurants.” So what is it all about?

According to their website, Pashman and Garrison are obsessive about food. During the program they “discuss and debate the most ridiculous food-related minutiae, always seeking ways to eat more, eat better, and eat more better.”  Tune in on any given week and you could hear them discuss chicken parm subs vs. calzones, the importance of surface area-to-volume ratio in ice cubes, or what exactly makes the perfect potato chip.  It’s Car Talk meets the Food Network, but as Pashman is quick to point out, it’s not just for foodies, it’s for eaters.

“We really want the podcast and blog to appeal to everyone,” he says, “and pretty much everyone is an expert eater, whether they realize it or not.”  Pashman and Garrison both hail from NPR, where they worked together as producers. Garrison can still be heard doing newscasts on WNYC. Consequently, “The Sporkful” is well-polished, with a professional sound and a focus on entertainment value. The show also incorporates listener suggestions and food-related questions at Dan and Mark will answer those questions during the program.

“The Sporkful” will take to the road soon when they broadcast from Brooklyn’s brand new Arby’s, in an attempt to find out why the chain is so loved.  Future show topics include Noodle and Pasta Consumption: Strategies and Tools, and The Structural Engineering of the Sandwich.

Go to to find the podcast, blog, and more.

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    I don’t know the first thing about cooking, but really like these podcasts. One line during the show about potato chips was so funny I nearly caused an accident driving over the Brooklyn Bridge…