Your First Look at Roebling Inn, Opening Next Week

Roebling Inn, the eagerly anticipated new bar from the folks behind Boerum Hill’s The Brooklyn Inn, will open next Monday, December 28, and BHB got an exclusive look of what to expect at Brooklyn Heights’ newest neighborhood bar, located at 97 Atlantic Avenue. 

Workers were putting some of the finishing touches today on the old Magnetic Field space in anticipation for next week’s opening. The bar will feature 16 beers on tap, with almost all of them local including Sixpoint and Kelso (the exception being Bud Light). The bar’s manager, Jason Furlani, said there would also four wines from Long Island, two red and two white.

Unlike The Brooklyn Inn, the bar has TVs (four of them) and a small bar menu including hot dogs, soft pretzels and cheese and crackers. Toward the back of Roebling Inn will be a dedicated darts space, something lacking in the neighborhood, Furlani said.

The darts space

Furlani said he hoped the bar would become an “everyday bar,” with reasonable prices and lots of locals.

Seating space

The exterior
(All photos Thomas Garry/BHB)

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  • AEB

    Hmmm: Atlantic Avenue. Is that in Brooklyn Heights?

  • AEB

    PS, a “dedicated darts space.” But HOW dedicated?

  • Jonah

    AEB: I lived above Magnetic Field and it was obvious from the quality of the patios we could see in the backyards of State Street apartments that they lived in Brooklyn Heights – and we didn’t… more like poverty-stricken Cobble Hill.

  • Homer Fink

    Technically it’s Brooklyn Heights.. but anywho…. Consider this official notice that we’ll be meeting up at Roebling Monday night 12/28 at 7pm… ARE YOU WITH ME?

  • Andrew

    If you want to be super-pedantic (and why wouldn’t you, this IS the internet): North side of Atlantic Ave. = Brooklyn Heights, south side = Cobble HIll.

  • Andrew

    And no more live music? Awww. I still miss Magnetic Field. I do look forward to visiting Roebling Inn next week and into the indefinite future, but it will be strange at first to be in a new and different bar at 97 Atlantic…

  • my2cents

    Andrew, Super pedantic is par for the course in Brooklyn Heights.

    In any case I welcome this bar! Looks promising. Brooklyn Inn is a great place so I think that bodes well for us!

  • Bob Dole

    Bud Light is brewed in Newark, I believe, which is not in-borough but qualifies as local. It’s swill, but it is local.

  • joe d

    like the sound of the beer list. It’s cold outside and I’m thirsty!

  • Marco

    Peeked in yesterday on the way home from work. Looked pretty sweet. Big bar. Northside of Atlantic is definitely Brooklyn Heights…..

  • Hicks St guy

    wish they were replacing the Henry Stale House

  • hoppy

    I hope that the “small bar menu” does not preclude the importing of Fatoosh or Chipshop.

  • nabeguy

    Great name. If you stay too long at the bar, do you get the bends?

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Hicks St Guy: Why the hate for HSA? They’ve got great and inexpensive food, and a solid beer selection.

  • nabeguy

    MIB, in today’s world, apparently that’s not enough. A bar has to have a splash of “vibe” to satisfy the likes of HSG.

  • cobble hall

    it says it’s the Brooklyn Inn folks. I love that bar.

  • Billy Reno

    Dibs on starting a monthly comedy show there.

  • PJL

    I hope that there will be an exception made for Guinness….

  • Kelvin

    I was molested at Magnetic Fields so I have fond memories of it. Hopefully more of the same at Roebling Inn

  • C.

    Darts area? Honestly. Who plays darts? Think that area could have been used better. I still welcome the place. Although the exterior looks terrible.

  • my2cents

    C. The darts area is to give the local douche population something to argue about whose turn it is. Every bar needs one of those.

  • nabeguy

    Douches and darts. Sounds like an episode of Dexter.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    …and there’s already dart boards at both Brazen Head and Cody’s.

  • El Where

    Man.. U peeps get fixated on the stupidest things. But we’ll probably never see you at any cool bar anyway.

  • nabeguy

    Not unless you open one, El.

  • sue

    Come on — no comments about strollers? Santa, please, all i want for christmas is a bar that doesn’t allow strollers in brooklyn.

  • nychas


    We’ve got one and great pizza and good beer too:

  • krs

    I’m excited. Bocci at Floyd, darts at Roebling Inn, Pool at Montero’s. Its the beer olympics!

  • nabeguy

    And they’re all within staggering distance of each other! All praise the Hops gods!

  • cat

    PJL: I’m with you. If there’s an exception to be made, it should be Guinness. Who even drinks Bud Light?