Students Plant Daffodils on Montague Street

montaguebid_bulbs_plantingThis spring, expect 3,000 flowers in bloom on Montague Street, as part of an initiative that began this week. On Wednesday morning, students from St. Ann’s School kicked off the project by planting more than 200 daffodil bulbs.

The 3,000 flowers will consist of 18 different varieties, spread across roughly 50 tree pits. The three varieties planted this week include Fortissimo, Spring Pride and Ice Follies (pictured below).

This is the Montague Street BID’s second initiative this week, following the new lights on nine trees down Montague Street. While the lights will coming down in February, the daffodils are expected to bloom in March, making sure there is always something to brighten up Montague Street.


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  • Greg Watts

    That’s an uplifting story. And great for the kids.

  • nabeguy

    Great for the block in general. And a nice touch to involve the community children. Are all BID projects open to willing volunteers? I’m sure they’d get a rousing response if they spread the word in the right places (like right here, for instance)

  • Andrew Porter

    At least on Montague, with all the foot traffic, the feasting by the resident BH squirrels will be kept to a minimum.

  • uh

    Allergies? WTF.

  • AAR

    Squirrels don’t like daffodils. They love to bite the flowers from tulips, but don’t eat them.