Don’t Be (Third) Alarmed

The acrid odor of smoke in the area this morning is wafting in from a three-alarm fire in a vacant building in Long Island City.  Lots of people in our area, however, are calling the Fire Department, hence the cacophony of sirens.  No major conflagrations here, though.

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  • e

    nice breaking, weegee. thanks for the post – good to know it’s not close, it’s been on and off for 2 hours.

  • nabeguy

    Woke to the smell and Engine Co 205 sirening down Middagh Street. Glad to know it’s not local and wish good luck to those who suffered this calamity.

  • AEB

    Yes, smelled the smoke, which was immediately recognizable as “fire” (as opposed to truck exhaust), and…wondered.

    Head out the window revealed nothing ablaze nearby. Good to know the facts–thanks.

  • tb

    Oddly enough, as we watched the report of the LIC fire on NY1, my 4 year old told me that was where the smell was coming from. I corrected her and said it was obviously coming from down the street, hence the fire engines. I guess I need to listen to my children more.

  • the banned

    I live in the south heights and it smelled to me like burnt paper. Very noticeable this morning around 8: AM.