Biviano Accuses Thies of Running Anonymous Blog

In recent weeks a new blog, Real Reform Brooklyn, has sprung up and posted critiques of candidates for the 33rd District City Council seat, primarily Jo Anne Simon and Steve Levin.

Today, however, the Doug Biviano campaign accused rival candidate Evan Thies as the man behind the anonymous blog.

“Not only has Evan violated his stated pledge to run a positive campaign, he doesn’t have the backbone to stand up in the light of day and criticize his opponents openly and honestly,” Biviano said. “There’s nothing wrong with questioning your opponents’ records in a campaign – that’s what a campaign is about. But at least have the guts to take responsibility for your arguments.”

The website, which began posting on August 7, says that it is run by “a loosely affiliated group of people who love Brooklyn and especially the neighborhoods of the 33rd Council District.”

All but two posts focus on Simon and Levin. On August 16, a post that discussed complaints against Thies also addressed and dismissed Biviano’s accusation that Thies was running the blog head-on. On August 21 Real Reform Brooklyn wrote a lengthy piece about Biviano, branding him the “emperor of the air.”

Kevin Lawler, the Thies campaign manager, said he had no idea who was behind the website. “We’re busy running a campaign,” he said.

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  • Real Reform Brooklyn

    Biviano is incorrect. We are not working for any campaign.

    Just trying to look closely at the candidates and share our thoughts.

    Real Reform Brooklyn

  • John

    I feel like it is very dishonest for this blog to seek to influence this election without being clear just who is writing it. Given this dishonesty, I am just going to assume that it is written by either someone working for the Thies or Diamondstone campaigns, since these campaigns have either been praised by the blog or have only been very lightly criticized.

  • The Where

    The trolls who are crawling out of their caves during this election shows just how broken the corrupt the system really is. John I don’t even understand you point. Go back under your bridge.

  • Smarty Smarkowitz

    Anonymous? This blog is not real bulls*** i mean reform brooklyn .

  • Real Reform Brooklyn

    Good Lord! When will people actually have something critical to say about the information in the blog as opposed to obsessing about its anonymity?

    Point to a factual inaccuracy. Point to an untrue statement. Point to a comment that has not received a fair response. Point to a posting that is is truly unfair about any of the candidates. Something…anything.

    It seems that Smarty Smarkowitz is the only that has actually taken the time to look at what we have said rather than who has said it.

    We believe that those who are more obsessed with our identity than our message are really the ones that would rather shill for a candidate than take a hard look at the field.

    Real Reform Brooklyn