Top 10 signs it’s summer in Brooklyn


1.  The sprinklers are on every day at the pocket park at the end of State Street.  Even though I feel somewhat foolish I do join in the fun from time to time.

2.  Even the prettiest of flower boxes are beginning to look a bit bedraggled.

3.  Mandals (man sandals) are everywhere.

4. Kids spend the day in their bathing suits (well at least this was true where I grew up)

5. Every other person is eating ice cream or frozen yogurt.

6. The pool at the local YMCA is never NOT crowded.

7.  The streets are deserted on the weekends.  Where is everyone, and can I go with you next time?

8. Outdoor cafes are packed and the Margaritas are flowing.

9. The drone of helicopters has been replaced with the hum of air conditioners.

10.  And the number one sign that it’s summer in Brooklyn is ____________________.  You fill in the blank.

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  • Andrew Porter

    The most obvious sign it’s summer is that empty parking spots sometimes go unfilled for several hours at a time. But usually only on weekends.

  • Teddy

    You see a lot more tourists on Montague Street.

  • alex

    I get asked for directions to the Promenade at least once a weekend.

  • Lillian Ann Slugocki

    Loved the last one, having to give directions to the Promenade, my God, that’s so true. LOL

  • AEB

    My weekday mornings are blessed free of the overenthusiastic whistle use of the school crossing guard at my corner of Hicks and Middagh.

  • Bob

    The trash at the Casino and other places stinks twice as much as usual.
    (Special at the Casino this summer: a Port-O-San on Montague!)

  • nabeguy

    The St George dorm kids switch from pajams to shorts to go outside and smoke.

  • AAR

    The strawberries and last year’s crop of apples are gone from the Green Market, replaced by corn, peaches, tomatoes, basil and more…..

  • Monty

    I have actually never been asked for directions to the promenade, but I get plenty of historic homes tourists on my block. Earlier this summer, a couple of ladies (Canadian by their accent) asked me how to get to Grimando’s Pizza.

  • RatNYC

    The bums are out asking for change
    The office workers walk to the promenade at lunch time
    Frizzy hair
    Gazpacho instead of hot soup at Lassen & Hennings

  • David on Middagh

    Fireflies at dusk on the Promenade!