Brooklyn Heights Don’t Need No Official Flower – BHA

From our "it must me an election year" file…  

New York Daily News: Bush Gets Vote: The bright red roses of Bay Ridge are in full bloom, as are the lavender hibiscus, the towering yellow sunflowers and the perky marigolds.

But yesterday, they all took a backseat to a giant white hydrangea bush, which was named the community's official flower.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz was happy to issue the floral proclamation, his second in as many weeks. The putrid-smelling "corpse flower" at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden got the first.

"This is so much more pleasant," said Markowitz as he and other dignitaries stood in Bill and Rosemary O'Keefe's backyard, where their hydrangea – also known as a "snowball bush" – was in all its glory. 

But nabe residents won't fall for hearts and flowers, not while developers are licking their chops and trying to erect huge buildings on — say — historic gardens (20 Henry Street anyone?)  

Irene Janner of the Brooklyn Heights Association said folks in her neighborhood hadn't given much thought to the matter.

"They're building in backyards and taking away open space," Janner said. "We're busy trying to make sure we have flowers – any flowers."

Go get 'em Irene! 

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