Your Easter Weekend Subway Clusterf… er, “Advisory”


The Official MTA Service Advisory

The A: You get a brief reprieve from the blue line chaos this weekend, however Manhattan-bound trains running on the F line between Jay Street in Brooklyn and West 4th Street in Manhattan. Got that? NO MANHATTAN-BOUND SERVICE FROM THE HIGH STREET STATION. In addition to that, all A trains run local between Euclid Avenue and 168th Street.

The 4, 5: No service between Atlantic Avenue and Brooklyn Bridge. Fantastic. The MTA recommends taking the J train as a substitute. And the 3 replaces the 4 between Atlantic and New Lots Avenue. And there is no 5 service until 42nd Street in Manhattan. This is how the MTA says "Happy Easter".

The 2,3: All trains running local between Chambers and 96th streets in Manhattan. It's gonna be a long ride.

The F: No Manhattan-bound service at Carroll, Bergen, and Smith/9th Street stops. You could take a Brooklyn-bound F to 4th Avenue or you could just stay where you are, which is an infinitely better idea. What about the G? Well…

The G: No service between Smith/9th Street and Hoyt-Schemerhorn. And where the G is in service, it's running every 20 minutes.  


Photo by thompat via Flickr 

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  • pbdotc

    i got some youtubes of the fire at clinton / atlantic this morning/noon here

    very loud, very smoky. a bit crazy. phone cam doesn’t really do it justice….

  • Qfwfq

    Thanks for the tip, pbdotc!

  • Poppa Fink

    Buona Pasqua !