It’s Showtime! “Screaming” of Beetlejuice in Cadman Park Conservancy This Sunday

Who’s got the Halloween spirit? And, who’s the “Ghost with the Most, babe?” Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle… SSSSHHHH! DON’T SAY IT!!!! Join the Cadman Park Conservancy this Sunday, October 16th for a screening of Tim Burton’s 1988 cult classic Beetlejuice. Grab a seat on the lawn at 6:00 pm, the movie starts at sundown.

Adam and Barbara Maitland (Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis) are “recently deceased.” When the Deetz family moves from the big city into their beloved country home, the Maitlands are NOT happy. Delia Deitz (Catherine O’Hara), with her pretentious interior designer Otho (Glen Shaddix) in tow, is determined to gut-renovate and transform the space into a gallery for her monstrous art.

Furious, Adam and Barbara scheme to scare the Deetzs away. They scour their “Handbook for the Recently Deceased” for haunting techniques but their efforts fail miserably. No one is scared of them. Charles Deitz (Jefferey Jones), a Real Estate Developer, sees a supernatural cash cow. His “strange and unusual” teen daughter, Lydia (Wynona Ryder) finds the handbook and unlike most, can see the Maitlands. Worse still, Lydia feels “utterly alone” and yearns to join Adam and Barbara in the great hereafter.

Desperate, and against the advice of their Afterlife Caseworker, Juno, (Sylvia Sydney) the Maitlands summon the ghost world’s leading “bio-exorcist,” a troublesome and obnoxious specter named Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton). And, “it’s showtime!”

Beetlejuice is rated PG and contains adult themes, violence, and strong language. Commonsense Media recommends the film for ages 12+. Rollicking musical score by Danny Elfman. The film also features appearances by Robert Goulet (Maxie Dean) and Dick Cavett (Bernard).

Photo: Warner Bros.

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