Power Outages On Columbia Heights

We’ve received some reports that there’s been power outages along Columbia Heights since last night. We haven’t heard or seen any official comment on the situation. Anyone out there affected by power outages (and presumably have enough juice in their cell phone battery to comment)?

UPDATE 11:54am: Sources tell us that the new estimate for when the power will be restored is 5:00pm(!) this evening.

Photo: Con Ed trucks at Pierrepont Street and Columbia Heights, about 4:30 p.m. (photo by C. Scales)


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  • karen

    About 8:30 last night about half our apartment went out. A few hours later our whole place and by 2:00 the whole building. Apparently it’s the entire street. Coned was a huge pain, didn’t show any signs of coming last night despite multiple calls and escalations to managers. Not sure when they showed up but they’re saying it will all be restored at 11:00am. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Tim_N

    We’re on the corner of Clark St (east side) and all has been well here. But stay on them!

  • Tim_N

    BTW, Con Ed trucks all over Columbia & Clark at 10:15 am.

  • Heightsman

    11:15am. Still no power.

  • Jay

    We are near Clark on Columbia heights and our power went out last night around 8:30. Still hasn’t come back. There is only one apartment in our building with power strangely.

  • Willow Street Watch

    IMPORTANT: Disconnect any and all electronic appliances especially any that are microprocessor driven. So that means computers and monitors. Printers, then TV’s audio equip, then appliances with microprocessors like internal timers. In that priority order.

    Reason? Because no matter what darling con ed or times warner says, when power comes back on there can be a surge or non 60 Hz effects on the line like spikes. No matter if you have a some kind of a “warrented” line filter, Disconnect until really stable conditions are restored. Let someone else be the “safety test” you protect your systems.

  • Jay

    Just learned estimate is around 8pm from Con Ed

  • gc

    Power on one hour ago. Thank you Con Ed.

  • GHB

    Thanks ConEd for not doing a damn thing last night, despite multiple calls. If you had done the work under our street properly in March, this wouldn’t have happened! You suck!

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s your big chance to get off the grid. Windmill? Solar panels? Waterwheel? So many choices!

    (Note: I have Con Ed stock; it pays a nice quarterly dividend. And I relish being able to say, “I have ED,” knowing it’s not the sexual one.)

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Yep. Lost a trusty Gateway 2000 in the Great Blackout of Aught-Three.

  • Willow Street Watch

    While its really a distraction from the zero point technology we really need, the Tesla power wall would have made this interruption a far less serious matter than it was. We’ve had advanced energy storage in our home for twenty years now. The investment is very moderate. But even if you get standard car/truck batteries which won’t crank a car anymore, you can have batteries which will provide light and most electronics for almost free. All you then need is a good brand of inverter and a small/trickle charger and you have energy independence in an interruption.

  • CHatter

    spoke with the ConEd guys yesterday (who were working like mad all day it seemed) and they said that the reason they didn’t come out Friday night was because each block runs on two or more phases, and that when one “phase” overloads and goes out it is usually pretty imminent that the other will go as people plug all their gear into the remaining working outlets-consitent with the experience that some people had where half their homes had power and the other half of their outlets didn’t. Anyway, the explanation was that it doesn’t make sense to send out the trucks until both go, and that it presents some danger to the crews when working on that intermediate zone where the second phase is about to blow. No idea how true any of that is but that’s what they said.