Brooklyn Bridge Park Ponders Additional Facilities In DUMBO’s Main Street Park

An unused area of the Main Street Park in DUMBO is among expansion plans being discussed for Brooklyn Bridge Park. The area currently houses an unused Department of Environmental Protection building & Department of Transportation paint shed. Brownstoner reports that discussions are ongoing to add a sports court, dog run, skate park, boating program or climbing wall.

Reps will be at the Community Board 2 parks meeting Monday, October 15 at 6 p.m. (121 Dekalb Avenue) to discuss a design for the proposed Main Street conversion. BBP’s proposed timeline: A Board plan review in November, presentation to the Public Design Commission in December, and submitted design to the National Parks Service in January 2013.

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  • Martin L

    Hey. how about a Velodrome????

  • Monty

    Can we have a dog skate park? Dogs like to get gnarly now and then too.

  • Andrew Porter

    An ear plug concession would do well here. I love sitting here in the park and slowly destroying my auditory nerves.

  • Michael

    How about: trees and grass……

  • Jorale-man

    I’m with Michael….

  • Clover_Hill_Billy

    Michael, great comment and spot on. I just don’t get the mission or direction of the Brooklyn Bridge Park. I don’t need a velodrome, climbing wall, marina, pop-up pool, carousel, sand volleyball court, etc. Seems like a Trojan horse. Offer the public all of these wonderful “amenities”, then surprise, we now need to build condos and hotels to fund this grand amusement park. How about just building a park that allows the public to enjoy nature, see some sunlight, and relax?

  • Mr. Crusty

    @Clover_Hill_Billy: “I don’t need a velodrome, climbing wall, marina, pop-up pool, carousel, sand volleyball court, etc”

    Ok, but the park isn’t being built for just you is it? Take for example the pop-up pool. It seemed to be a great success. Many families took advantage of the pool and used it daily. They seemed to be enjoying it greatly. Do those people count? How about the families that use the carousel? They don’t count either?

    There will be plenty of grass and quiet areas for you to enjoy. Why do you want to deny others recreational amenities that others might get pleasure from?

    The self-centeredness of comments like yours amaze me.

  • Clover_Hill_Billy

    It is a question of need v. want. I would love a pool since I’m an avid swimmer. But at what cost? Let’s not sell off valuable public land to finance what we cannot afford.

  • Mr. Crusty

    In the courtroom an attorney would object by saying, “asked and answered”.

    This debate was settled a long time ago and, rightly or wrongly, the consensus was to include these types of amenities in the BBP.

  • fast_walked

    Mr. Crusty, thank you. To Michael, my comment is that “Trees and Grass” is also not a free proposition. Grass needs to be mowed and watered. Trees die, need to be cut and replanted and trash needs to be collected and removed. And btw, I hope everyone agrees that public bathrooms need to be made available and those also need to be cleaned and repaired. Finally, someone needs to catch that racoon.

  • http://DUMBOBARK Hotel Dave

    Well, I would like for the Dog Run to be expanded slightly with a better ground foundation, not just dirt and mulch. Also, may be adding picnic tables, like they have at the Carousel. Or just trees and grass like the others have mentioned.