How Sweet It Is… Brooklyn Deemed ‘Hottest City Of The Future’

While it may not be Brooklyn Heights-specific, a list compiled by Business Insider names our borough as the No. 1-ranked out of 15 “Hottest Cities of the Future.” The list was compiled by examining job and population growth, demographics, affordability, livability and the health & well being of residents. Also considered: how the city is innovating in terms of tech, sustainability, culture and its “cool factor.”

Business Insider explains (try not to blush now): “Brooklyn, N.Y., will become a cool capital of culture. For years, Brooklyn took a backseat to its towering neighbor Manhattan—but no longer. Today, Brooklyn is one of the fastest-growing cities with a population of about 2.5 million, making it the most populous borough in New York and independently one of the largest cities in the U.S.”

The borough attracts “young chefs, artists, entrepreneurs, families and more, who have opened farm-to-table restaurants, art galleries & boutiques and hipster markets like the Brooklyn Flea and [Downtown Brooklyn’s] Dekalb Market. With amazing cultural venues like the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), the Brooklyn Museum and the addition of the Barclays Center, the area is bound to continue to develop and gentrify.”

And might I add, let’s not forget Brooklyn Heights’ Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Promenade as two of the borough’s most popular attractions—not to mention our neighborhood as a sought-after locale for movies & television shoots and an increasingly popular destination for celebrities seeking solace from the city.

The rest of Business Insider’s list goes like this: Seattle; Austin; Portland, Oregon; Boulder; Raleigh; Detroit; Philadelphia; Nashville; Bentonville, Arkansas (the base of Walmart); Burlington, Vermont; tech-heavy Mountain View, California; Pittsburgh; Salt Lake City; and good ole Williston, North Dakota.

(Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • Andrew Porter

    Yes, here’s what our future holds as a hot city:

    Not quite what Chuck means, I suspect.

  • Igou Allbray

    Don’t forget here in Brooklyn: all the major writers and film stars, the Olmstead/Vaux gem – Prospect Park, Brooklyn Botantical Gardens, Coney Island, MetroTech, Brooklyn College, NYU Polytechnical Engineering School, Park Slope, Williamsburg and Victorian Flatbush.

  • Mr. Crusty

    I’m surprised the article didn’t mention our famous hot dog vendors.

  • North heights res

    Another post that re-writes so much of the source that the need to click the link is obviated, totally undercutting the work of the original author and publication.

    Why has the BHB decided to make this sort of post prevalent? Why the choice to feed off what other people do? Why not, for instance, briefly (in a few sentences) acknowledge the source and link to it, and then add original content, instead of essentially stealing the work of other writers and publications?

  • j

    Detroit is 6th? Really?

  • Andrew Porter

    Detroit has fallen so far that it reached the bottom, and now a wave of renovating and young people moving in and opening new businesses has taken place. Good place to buy some gorgeous houses for far less than $100K.

    Admission: I was born there, moved here when I was 10 (in parental tow).