Quote Of The Day: Brooklyn Heights Is ‘Kings’ County’s Stodgiest Enclave’

The mainstream media has been talking smack all week about HBO’s “Girls” creator Lena Dunham moving (back) to Brooklyn Heights, taking up residence at the Mansion House on Hicks Street. That’s prompting quite a bit of analysis about the historic neighborhood versus the uber-hipster vibe of Dunham’s character Hannah on the dramedy series—including The New York Observer, which offers this sweet little line…

As was revealed earlier this week, vis-a-vis The Times magazine and property records, Dunham bought herself a $500,000 co-op on Hicks Street. Is Brooklyn Heights—America’s first suburb and Kings County’s stodgiest enclave—actually, secretly cooler than Greenpoint, Bushwick or the rest of the borough? What do Lena Dunham and Adam Driver know that we don’t?

Adam Driver is a co-star on “Girls,” and also lives in Brooklyn Heights. The story goes on to explain: “Now we find out from New York‘s Vulture blog that Hannah Horvath’s heartthrob lover in real life lives around the corner, not in some hellhole we imagine to be around the corner from Broadway Junction in East New York. And this isn’t just any Brooklyn Heights abode, but one in the second oldest house in the historic hood.”

Continue reading The New York Observer article here.

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  • Jorale-man

    I’ll point out the obvious, that the New York Observer is essentially an upmarket tabloid and hardly the newspaper of record. And for decades its offices were on the Upper East Side – a neighborhood that practically invented stodginess.

  • stuart

    The Heights is stodgy and snooty, the Atlantic is salty and large.
    Next obvious statement?

  • Mikey

    Lots of hipsters in Mansion House. Don’t kid yourselves.

  • princess

    I agree Mikey. And lot’s of hipsters all over the heights. Just not clubs…and thank God for that!

  • Livingston

    My realtor for my first place described BH as an extension of the UES. I quickly signed the lease and never looked back. One person’s “stodgy” is another person’s “civilized” enclave.

  • eg

    This Mansion House is not the original Mansion House which stood on the same location. The engineer for the Brooklyn Bridge, Roebling, lived there with his wife while the Brooklyn Bridge was under construction from 1875 – 1883. This current building went up in the first half of 1900s. Real Estate people are loose with the truth in making a sale.

    In the great book of the building of the bridge, “Brooklyn Bridge”, he writes extensively about the neighborhood and all the known houses there, this present Mansion House was not there.

  • David on Middagh


  • my2cents

    Hipsters in Mansion House?? Bahahah.